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// Copyright 2018 The Fuchsia Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
library fuchsia.modular;
/// Metadata that define the runtime properties of a Module.
type ModuleManifest = struct {
/// The relative path from the root of the package where the Module executable
/// file can be found.
/// TODO( Extract a module's URL from its cmx manifest instead of
/// here.
binary string:MAX;
/// A human-readable string:MAX that can be used when suggesting this Module.
suggestion_headline string:<MAX, optional>;
/// A list of intents that this module is able to handle.
intent_filters vector<IntentFilter>:<MAX, optional>;
/// Identifies the pattern with which to compose this module with others.
composition_pattern string:<MAX, optional>;
/// Defines the color of the placeholder widget used while the module loads.
placeholder_color string:<MAX, optional>;
/// This struct is used to describe an intent that a module is able to handle.
type IntentFilter = struct {
/// The action this module is able to handle.
action string:MAX;
/// Includes the name and types of entities for the parameters required to
/// execute specified [action].
parameter_constraints vector<ParameterConstraint>:MAX;
/// Defines presentation properties for suggestions of this action.
action_display ActionDisplay;
type ParameterConstraint = struct {
name string:MAX;
/// The entity type that is valid for this parameter.
type string:MAX;
/// Defines how a suggestion of an action will be presented.
type ActionDisplay = table {
/// Defines presentation fields for a suggestion. The string:MAX fields might be
/// templated and will be filled from data in `parameter_mapping`.
/// For example: "Listen to $artistName"
1: display_info DisplayInfo;
/// Fields to be replaced in the given `display_info` templated strings.
/// In the example above, we would map name=artistName to the intent field
/// where artist is the intent parameter name and name a field
/// of it.
2: parameter_mapping vector<ParameterMapping>:MAX;
/// Presentation information about the suggestion.
type DisplayInfo = table {
/// The title of the suggestion.
1: title string:MAX;
/// A subtitle for the suggestion.
2: subtitle string:MAX;
/// A url from which to fetch the icon of the suggestion.
3: icon string:MAX;
/// Defines pairs that will be replaced in the DisplayInfo.
type ParameterMapping = table {
/// The name of the variable to be replaced in the template.
1: name string:MAX;
/// The path in the intent parameter to get that name.
/// The first string:MAX in the dot-separated string:MAX is the name of the intent
/// parameter and the following are nested subfields.
2: parameter_property string:MAX;