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// Copyright 2018 The Fuchsia Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
using fuchsia.math;
using fuchsia.ui.views;
using zx;
/// Plays media.
protocol Player {
compose SourceManager;
/// Sets a file channel to read from.
SetFileSource(resource struct {
file_channel zx.handle:CHANNEL;
/// Sets a file channel to read from.
SetFileSourceWithOptions(resource struct {
file_channel zx.handle:CHANNEL;
options PlayerOptions;
/// Starts playback.
/// Pauses playback.
/// Provides current status immediately after binding and whenever status
/// changes thereafter.
-> OnStatusChanged(struct {
player_status PlayerStatus;
/// Seeks to the specified position, specified in nanoseconds.
Seek(struct {
position int64;
/// Creates a video view.
CreateView(resource struct {
view_token fuchsia.ui.views.ViewToken;
/// Binds to the gain control for this player.
BindGainControl(resource struct {
/// Adds a new binding to this player.
AddBinding(resource struct {
player_request server_end:Player;
/// Sets the rate to be used when the player is playing. `rate` must be positive. The
/// `timeline_function` field of `PlayerStatus` indicates the actual rate when the player
/// is playing.
SetPlaybackRate(struct {
playback_rate float32;
/// Options used in `SetFileSourceWithOptions`.
type PlayerOptions = table {
/// When set to true, suppresses audio rendering. Default value false.
1: silent bool;
/// Player status information.
type PlayerStatus = struct {
/// Duration of the content.
duration zx.duration;
/// Whether the player can pause.
can_pause bool;
/// Whether the player can seek.
can_seek bool;
/// Whether the source has an audio stream.
has_audio bool;
/// Whether the source has a video stream.
has_video bool;
/// Indicates whether the player is ready to play. After
/// `SetFileSource` or `SourceManager.SetSource` is called, this value is
/// false until the player is fully prepared to play the content from the
/// source.
ready bool;
// Describes the media.
metadata box<>;
/// Indicates a problem preventing intended operation.
problem box<Problem>;
/// Indicates whether an audio stream is currently connected for rendering.
/// This value will be false if `has_audio` is false or if the audio stream
/// type isn't supported.
audio_connected bool;
/// Indicates whether a video stream is currently connected for rendering.
/// This value will be false if `has_video` is false or if the video stream
/// type isn't supported.
video_connected bool;
/// Size of the video currently being produced. This value will be null if
/// the video size is currently unknown.
video_size box<fuchsia.math.Size>;
/// Relative dimensions of a video pixel. This value will be null if the
/// pixel aspect ratio is currently unknown.
pixel_aspect_ratio box<fuchsia.math.Size>;
/// Function translating local time to presentation time. This value will be
/// null if the timeline function is currently undefined.
timeline_function box<>;
/// Indicates whether presentation for all streams has reached end-of-stream.
end_of_stream bool;