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// Copyright 2018 The Fuchsia Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
library fuchsia.hardware.usb.peripheral;
using zx;
const MAX_CONFIG_DESCRIPTORS uint32 = 5;
const MAX_STRING_DESCRIPTORS uint32 = 255;
const MAX_STRING_LENGTH uint32 = 127;
type FunctionDescriptor = struct {
interface_class uint8;
interface_subclass uint8;
interface_protocol uint8;
alias ConfigurationDescriptor = vector<FunctionDescriptor>:MAX_FUNCTION_DESCRIPTORS;
/// The fields in DeviceDescriptor match those in usb_descriptor_t in the USB specification,
/// except for the string fields.
type DeviceDescriptor = struct {
bcd_usb uint16;
b_device_class uint8;
b_device_sub_class uint8;
b_device_protocol uint8;
b_max_packet_size0 uint8;
id_vendor uint16;
id_product uint16;
bcd_device uint16;
manufacturer string:MAX_STRING_LENGTH;
product string:MAX_STRING_LENGTH;
serial string:MAX_STRING_LENGTH;
b_num_configurations uint8;
/// Events protocol that is used as a callback to inform the client
/// of the completion of various server-side events.
/// This callback interface can be registered using the SetStateChangeListener
/// method on the Device protocol.
protocol Events {
/// Invoked when a function registers
FunctionRegistered() -> ();
/// Invoked when all functions have been cleared.
protocol Device {
/// Sets the device's descriptors, adds the functions and creates the child devices for the
/// configuration's interfaces.
/// At least one function descriptor must be provided.
SetConfiguration(struct {
device_desc DeviceDescriptor;
config_descriptors vector<ConfigurationDescriptor>:MAX_CONFIG_DESCRIPTORS;
}) -> () error zx.status;
/// Tells the device to remove the child devices for the configuration's interfaces
/// and reset the list of functions to empty.
/// The caller should wait for the `FunctionsCleared` event.
ClearFunctions() -> ();
/// Adds a state change listener that is invoked when a state change completes.
SetStateChangeListener(resource struct {
listener client_end:Events;