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// Copyright 2019 The Fuchsia Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
library fuchsia.exception;
using zx;
/// Protocol meant for clients interested in handling exceptions for a
/// particular service.
protocol Handler {
/// Requests the exception handler to send a signal indicating the server is
/// active and able to respond to requests.
/// It's recommended clients call IsActive and wait for a response before
/// sending an exception to the server with OnException because a
/// zx.handle:EXCEPTION can't be released by the client once it's sent
/// across the channel.
/// Note: a response guarantees the server was active when it sent the
/// response, but doesn't preclcude the server being unresponsive after the
/// reply was sent.
IsActive() -> ();
/// This exception mirrors closely the information provided by exception
/// channels. The design is to have clients of this API behave as closely as
/// possible to native exception handlers that are listening to an exception
/// channel.
/// `exception` is an exception handle, which controls the exception's
/// lifetime. See exception zircon docs for more information.
/// `info` represents basic exception information as provided by the
/// exception channel.
OnException(resource struct {
exception zx.handle:EXCEPTION;
info ExceptionInfo;
}) -> ();
/// Basic exception information associated with a particular exception.
/// Maps to `zx_exception_info_t`.
// TODO( Currently there is no good support for tables within the
// llcpp bindings, which would make this API very cumbersome to
// use. When better support lands, move this to a table.
type ExceptionInfo = struct {
// Process ID or pid.
process_koid zx.koid;
// Thread ID or tid.
thread_koid zx.koid;
type ExceptionType;
/// Generic wrapper over a thread exception. Mirrors closely the information
/// given by an exception channel.
/// Both |process| and |thread| will be valid if present.
type ProcessException = resource table {
/// `exception` is guaranteed to be valid.
1: exception zx.handle:EXCEPTION;
2: info ExceptionInfo;
/// Both `process` and `thread` will be valid if present.
3: process zx.handle:PROCESS;
/// The thread that generated the exception.
/// The process may have other threads that are not reflected here.
4: thread zx.handle:THREAD;
/// What type of exception was triggered.
/// Maps to the types defined in `zx_excp_type_t`.
/// If zircon/syscalls/exception.h changes, this needs to be updates as well to
/// reflect that.
// TODO( Once there is a way to better generate zx bindings, move this
// definitions to a common library.
type ExceptionType = strict enum : uint32 {
GENERAL = 0x8;
POLICY_ERROR = 0x8208;