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// Copyright 2021 The Fuchsia Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
library fuchsia.component.decl;
using fuchsia.url;
/// Statically declares a child component instance.
type Child = table {
/// (Required) The name assigned to the child by its parent.
/// Must be non-empty, unique among all siblings, and contain only the
/// following characters: [a-z0-9-_.].
1: name child_name;
/// (Required) The child component's URL.
/// Must be non-empty and a well-formed URL.
2: url fuchsia.url.Url;
/// (Required) The startup mode for the component instance.
/// Must be set.
3: startup StartupMode;
/// (Optional) The environment assigned to this child.
/// May be unset, in which case the child will inherit the parent component's
/// environment. If set, the name must reference an environment defined in
/// the `ComponentDecl` and it must contain only the following characters:
/// [a-z0-9-_.].
4: environment name;
/// (Optional, defaults to `NONE`) The action to take if this component
/// instance terminates unexpectedly.
5: on_terminate OnTerminate;
/// Configuration overrides to apply to the child's base configuration.
/// For a configuration field to be overridden it must be marked as mutable by parent.
/// Parents must pass `ConfigOverride` values which match the child's declared schema types
/// exactly.
6: config_overrides vector<ConfigOverride>:MAX;
/// Describes under what conditions the component may be started.
type StartupMode = strict enum {
/// Start component instance only when it receives an incoming capability request or it's
/// started directly with `fuchsia.component.Controller/Start`.
LAZY = 0;
/// Start component instance automatically when the parent starts or (for dynamic
/// components) when the component is created.
EAGER = 1;
/// Describes the action to take if this component instance terminates
/// unexpectedly.
type OnTerminate = strict enum {
/// No action, the default
NONE = 0;
/// Trigger a graceful system reboot if the component terminates for any
/// reason. This is a specialized feature gated by Component Framework
/// security policy.
/// A directive to override the value of a particular configuration field in the child.
type ConfigOverride = table {
1: key ConfigKey;
2: value ConfigValue;