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// Copyright 2018 The Fuchsia Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
library fuchsia.cobalt;
/// Channels should not be longer than this.
const MAX_CHANNEL_NAME_LENGTH uint32 = 256;
/// Response codes for Logger operations.
type Status = strict enum : int32 {
OK = 0;
/// For example the supplied metric id is invalid.
/// An attempt was made to log an Event whose serialized size exceeds
/// Cobalt's local buffer is temporarily full and cannot handle any more
/// Events at this time. Try again later. This condition should be rare
// Cobalt has received a ShutDown signal and will not accept any more
// events.
/// Catch-all for unexpected errors.
// SystemProfileUpdater Interface
/// A collection of fields describing a system's software distribution.
type SoftwareDistributionInfo = table {
/// The channel that the device last used as an update source. This value
/// may be empty to indicate that the device is not currently associated
/// with any channel.
1: current_channel string:MAX_CHANNEL_NAME_LENGTH;
/// The SystemDataUpdater interface allows callers to update the state of
/// the SystemProfile in Cobalt. The changes are global and affect all loggers
/// running on the device.
protocol SystemDataUpdater {
/// Sets Cobalt's view of the system-wide distribution information replacing the
/// existing values.
/// `info` The specifications of the current system's software distribution.
SetSoftwareDistributionInfo(struct {
info SoftwareDistributionInfo;
}) -> (struct {
status Status;
// AggregateAndUpload Interface
/// Locally aggregates all collected metrics and uploads generated
/// observations immediately. This is only to be used for Recovery, and
/// should only be called once per Recovery attempt.
/// If AggregateAndUpload completes, then the collected metrics were uploaded
/// to Cobalt successfully. Otherwise, AggregateAndUpload may continue to run
/// until the calling service cancels the process when long running operation
/// exceeds the specified timeout. The reason this may occur, is that
/// AggregateAndUpload has a retry policy, and will retry any failures until
/// the operation succeeds or is cancelled due to exceeding a specified
/// timeout.
protocol AggregateAndUpload {
AggregateAndUploadMetricEvents() -> ();