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  1. benchmark/
  2. common/
  3. goldfish_benchmark/
  4. goldfish_test/
  5. icd_conformance/
  6. libopencl/
  7. libvulkan/
  8. mali_vulkan_test/
  9. vk_timer_query/
  10. vkext/
  11. vkgbm/
  12. vkloop/
  13. vkpriority/
  14. vkreadback/
  15. vkvalidation/

Graphics tests

This directory contains automated tests that cover Fuchsia's graphics stack, mostly via the Vulkan API. C++ tests should prefer Vulkan-Hpp to direct use of the Vulkan C API.

The tests in this directory cover Fuchsia-specific Vulkan functionality. Graphics tests against the Vulkan API that don't have any Fuchsia-specific bits should be submitted to Vulkan's Conformance Test Suite (CTS).