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Fake Font Provider

Have you ever found yourself needing a component that responds to fuchsia.fonts.Provider FIDL requests, but doesn't provide any actual font files? Then fake_fonts is for you! can serve as a drop-in replacement for in tests and on products that need to satisfy a dependency on fuchsia.fonts.Provider, but don't actually render text or do not care what rendered text looks like.


In tests

  1. Add "//src/fonts/fake:fake-fonts-cm" to the deps parameter of your fuchsia_test_package().

  2. Set up the capability routing.

    a. Add a child component:

        name: "fake_fonts",
        url: "fuchsia-pkg://<your-test-package>#meta/",

    b. Add an offer entry for fake_fonts' dependencies:

        protocol: [ "fuchsia.logger.LogSink" ],
        from: "parent",
        to: [ "#fake_fonts" ],

    c. Offer protocol "fuchsia.fonts.Provider" from #fake_fonts to your test.

For an example, see ./meta/fake_fonts_test.cml.

In a product configuration

  1. Remove "//src/fonts" and any font collections (e.g. "//src/fonts:open-fonts-collection") from the product definition. If these were added in an inherited product configuration, the removal can be done using legacy_base_package_labels -= [...] in the child product configuration.

  2. Add "//src/fonts/fake:pkg" to the product's packages (again, usually legacy_base_package_labels).

  3. Add "//src/fonts/fake:core-shard" to core_realm_shards.


To verify that the fake_fonts component correctly responds to all font queries with empty or error responses:

fx set core.x64 --with //src/fonts/fake:tests
# ...
fx test //src/fonts/fake