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Raw HCI factory testing tool.


Utility to send raw HCI test commands to the hardware on the command channel.

This utility opens the bt-hci device's command channel, sends the passed in HCI command, and waits until either an error, event, or expected result code is returned.

The command channel of a bt-hci device must be unclaimed for this tool to function as intended. The bt-host driver is a common reason for the HCI endpoints to be unavailable. If the bt-host driver isn't disabled or excluded in the image, it can be disabled by passing driver.bt_host.disable to the kernel command-line.

On the host machine while configuring set options add:

$ fx set --args=dev_bootfs_labels=\[\"//src/connectivity/bluetooth:disable-bt-host\"\] ...

Or, if you prefer fx args, just add the following line to your

dev_bootfs_labels = [ "//src/connectivity/bluetooth:disable-bt-host" ]