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  1. tests/
  3. composed_service_dir.h
  4. lazy_dir.h
  5. node.h
  6. pseudo_dir.h
  7. pseudo_file.h
  9. remote_dir.h
  10. service.h
  11. vfs_cpp.api
  12. vmo_file.h



This library provides basic pseudo-filesystem functionality, which can be useful for exposing items in a component's outgoing namespace (including services). This allows creation of pseudo-directories that can be modified at runtime, pseudo/VMO-backed files, service connectors, and remote nodes.

Unlike the in-tree VFS (//src/storage/lib/vfs/cpp), this library is not intended for filesystems development.

WARNING: This library is currently undergoing an API overhaul. Please avoid new uses and prefer using the in-tree VFS at //src/storage/lib/vfs/cpp where possible. See for details.

Thread Safety

The node types this library implements are thread safe, however they must only be used with a single-threaded asynchronous dispatcher. Multiple connections may be created to a given node, as long as the same dispatcher is used.

Connections to a node are automatically closed when a node is destroyed. This includes connections to child entries, if applicable, which were opened via a parent node.

Use of a multi-threaded asynchronous dispatcher is not supported.