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fx test (rewrite)

This directory contains the source code for a rewrite of fx test.

This tool is ready for general use.

For the current status, see b/293917801 and its dependencies.

You can use the new fx test locally as follows:

$ export FUCHSIA_DISABLED_legacy_fxtest=1
fx test

# To revert
unset FUCHSIA_DISABLED_legacy_fxtest

Or for an individual run:

fx --disable=legacy_fxtest test


Current Status: General Adoption (3).

  1. Work in progress

    Choice of fx test implementation is controlled by the fx flag legacy_fxtest, which is enabled by default. Disabling the flag, as shown above, provides access to the new implementation.

    It is not feature complete and does not meet the requirements of Fuchsia testing.

  2. “Early Adoption” release

    The new implementation roughly has the features necessary to do testing for Fuchsia. It is still missing critical features, but we want an initial set of users trying it for more of their testing workflows.

  3. “General Adoption” release

    The new implementation meets or exceeds feature parity with the old implementation, and we encourage all developers to disable the legacy_fxtest flag to use the new implementation as their daily driver.

  4. Pre-release

    The old implementation will show a warning that legacy_fxtest=0 will become the default, and they should switch.

  5. Release

    legacy_fxtest=0 becomes the default. The new implementation provides information on how to revert back to the old behavior if needed and where to file a bug.

  6. Post-release cleanup

    The legacy_fxtest flag is removed, and the old implementation of fx test is deleted.

Development Instructions

This tool is automatically included in your build. The rest of this section provides a guide for accelerating development cycles on the tool.

Build just the tool

To build only the new implementation, run:

fx build host-tools/test2

This avoids a full build.

Include and run tests

To test the new implementation's libraries, include --with //scripts/fxtest/rewrite:tests in your fx set. For example:

fx set core.x64 --with //scripts/fxtest/rewrite:tests

# This should work with the new implementation!
fx test --host

Rapid local development environment

Use the scripts under the scripts/ directory to install a development environment and rapidly iterate on the code:

# Install a development environment.

# Format all code for fx test. Run this before uploading a CL!

# Run all tests and generate coverage. It is much faster than going through
# the whole build process, and you can output HTML using the --html-dir
# parameter.
$FUCHSIA_DIR/scripts/fxtest/rewrite/scripts/ --html-dir ~/fxtest-python-coverage

# Clean up by running uninstall.