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Fuchsia Bazel SDK Tests

This directory contains tests meant to test the Fuchsia Bazel SDK. These currently require to be in a Fuchsia checkout.

The test suite can be run against a local IDK build, or against the @fuchsia_sdk repository created internally by the platform build (which differ slightly in their content).

Simple invocation

The simplest way to run them is to call fx build bazel_sdk_tests. This runs the test suite against the @fuchsia_sdk repository. Note that the latter only contains prebuilt binaries for the current build configuration's target_cpu value.

Another way is to call fx build bazel_sdk_tests_idk, which runs the suite against a locally-built IDK that contains prebuilt binaries for all supported Fuchsia target CPU architectures. However, this does not include a number of SDK atoms from the //sdk:platform and //sdk:driver dependency trees.

These targets ensure that all pre-requisites are available, ensures hermeticity and incremental build correctness. However, they will run the full test suite every time (i.e. will not allow you to run an individual test).

Custom invocation

Another way is to prepare your Fuchsia build, then invoking scripts/ manually. You can use --test_target=<label> to select an individual test target (instead of all of them), or even pass extra arguments using -- <extra_args>.

To run the suite against @fuchsia_sdk:

# Prepare the @fuchsia_sdk repository. Only needed once per `jiri update`
fx build generate_fuchsia_sdk_repository

# Run the full test suite

# Run a subset of test targets, and change test output.
scripts/ --test_target=:build_only_tests -- --test_output=streamed

While to run it against a local IDK:

# Prepare the IDK
fx build final_fuchsia_idk

# Run the full test suite
scripts/ --fuchsia_idk_directory=../../out/default/sdk/exported/fuchsia_idk

# Run a subset of test targets, and change test output.
scripts/ --fuchsia_idk_directory=../../out/default/sdk/exported/fuchsia_idk \
    --test_target=:build_only_tests -- --test_output=streamed

For more options, invoke the script with --help.

Direct bazel invocation

Finally, it is possible to directly invoke bazel test in this directory after some necessary preparation, i.e. for running against the @fuchsia_sdk repository:

  • After each jiri update, run bazel clean --expunge to ensure no stale external repositories will be used.

  • Run fx build generate_fuchsia_sdk_repository to populate pre-requisites from a Fuchsia checkout.

  • Define the LOCAL_FUCHSIA_PLATFORM_BUILD to point to the build directory corresponding to the previous step.

  • Invoke bazel test --config=fuchsia_<cpu> <test_target>, where <cpu> matches the CPU architecture of your Fuchsia build configuration. Note that without this --config parameter, the test suite will fail.

For example:

# Preparation steps (only do this once)
cd /work/fuchsia
fx set core.x64
fx build generate_fuchsia_sdk_repository
export LOCAL_FUCHSIA_PLATFORM_BUILD=$(fx get-build-dir)
cd build/bazel_sdk/tests

# Run this once, and then after each `jiri update`
bazel clean --expunge

# Run the test suite, customize options if needed.
bazel test --config=fuchsia_x64 :tests

To run against a local IDK, define LOCAL_FUCHSIA_IDK_DIRECTORY instead in your environment before invoking bazel test ... as above.