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  1. platforms/
  2. scripts/
  3. toolchains/
  4. BUILD.bazel
  5. fuchsia_platform_build.bzl
  6. MODULE.bazel
  8. repository_utils.bzl
  9. transition_utils.bzl
  10. transition_utils_test.bzl
  11. WORKSPACE.bazel

The definitions in this directory are shared by the Fuchsia platform (in-tree) workspace, as well as other out-of-tree Bazel based projects. In other words:

  • They MUST NOT depend on definitions outside of this directory.

  • They should not assume to be in any specific workspace (so no explicit reference to @fuchsia_sdk or @fuchsia_workspace should exist in this directory. Instead, repository labels should be provided as repository / function arguments explicitly and specified by the callers.