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Termina Guest

See src/virtualization/ for more general information.

Building Linux kernel

Repeat each of the following steps for ARCH=x64 and ARCH=arm64.

Run the script to fetch the remote branch machina-4.18 and build Linux:

$ ./src/virtualization/packages/termina_guest/ \
  -l /tmp/linux/source \
  -o prebuilt/virtualization/packages/linux_guest/images/${ARCH}/Image \
  -b machina-4.18 \

Note: -b specifies the branch of zircon_guest to use. You can modify this value if you need a different version or omit it to use a local version.

Updating CIPD with a more recent Linux kernel

The script will download the latest revision of the Linux kernel from the zircon_guest repository, build it using the script above, and then upload it to CIPD.

The file integration/fuchsia/prebuilts should be updated to point to point to the new version using the instance ID of the package you created. The instance ID is printed in the output of the script above, but if you missed it, you can find the instance ID with CIPD like so:

$ fx cipd search \
  fuchsia_internal/linux/linux_kernel-<branch>-${ARCH} \
  -tag "git_revision:<git revision>" \