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// Copyright 2016 The Fuchsia Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
// NOTE: This file is deprecated and will soon be removed in favor of provider.fidl.
library fuchsia.fonts;
using fuchsia.mem;
/// Deprecated. See `GenericFontFamily`.
enum FallbackGroup {
NONE = 0;
SERIF = 1;
/// Deprecated. See `FaceRequestFlags`.
/// Disables font fallback. The service won't try to search fallback font set if
/// there is no requested font family or if it doesn't contain requested
/// character.
const uint32 REQUEST_FLAG_NO_FALLBACK = 1;
/// Deprecated. See `FaceRequestFlags`.
/// Disables approximate style matching. The service will only return font that
/// matches the requested style exactly.
const uint32 REQUEST_FLAG_EXACT_MATCH = 2;
/// Deprecated. See `FaceRequest`.
struct Request {
/// Desired font family name, e.g. "Roboto". Font family search is
/// case-insensitive. In case when there is no specified family or the
/// specified family doesn't have glyph for the requested `character` then
/// a font from another family may be returned. This behavior can be disabled
string:MAX_FAMILY_NAME_LENGTH? family;
/// For example, 400 is normal, 700 is bold.
uint32 weight = 400;
/// Numeric values matching OS/2 & Windows Metrics usWidthClass table.
/// For example, 5 is normal.
uint32 width = 5;
Slant slant = Slant.UPRIGHT;
/// BCP47 language tags in order of preference. See
/// .
vector<string:35>:8? language;
/// Codepoint for the character that must be present in the returned font or 0.
/// Caller that specify this field are expected to extract character set from
/// the result and cache it in order to avoid calling the API more than
/// necessary.
uint32 character = 0;
/// Fallback group preference. Caller can leave this field set to NONE. In
/// that case the font provider will use fallback group of the specified font
/// family.
FallbackGroup fallback_group = FallbackGroup.NONE;
uint32 flags = 0;
struct Response {
fuchsia.mem.Buffer buffer;
/// Buffer identifier for the buffer. Responses with the same buffer_id are
/// guaranteed to contain the same data in the buffer. Clients may use this
/// value to detect if they already have the font cached in parsed form.
uint32 buffer_id;
/// Font index within `buffer`. Used for font formats that may contain more
/// than one font per file, e.g. TTC (TrueType Collection).
uint32 font_index;
/// Deprecated.
/// See `Style2`.
struct Style {
uint32 weight;
uint32 width;
Slant slant;
/// Deprecated. See `FontFamilyInfo`.
/// Information about font family that can be requested using GetFamilyInfo().
struct FamilyInfo {
/// Canonical font family name. Note that this may be different from the
/// value passed to GetFamilyInfo() because GetFamilyInfo() also resolves
/// font aliases and ignores case. For example GetFamilyInfo("robotoslab")
/// will = "Robot Slab".
/// Unordered list of all available styles in the family.
vector<Style>:MAX_FAMILY_STYLES styles;
/// Provider of digital font files and metadata.
/// TODO(I18N-12): Remove deprecated methods and move to provider.fidl.
protocol Provider {
/// Deprecated. See `GetTypeface`.
/// Returns font that matches specified `request`.
GetFont(Request request) -> (Response? response);
/// Deprecated. See `GetFontFamilyInfo`.
/// Returns information for the specified font family or null if there is
/// no family with the specified name. This function respects family name
/// aliases and ignores case, so request for "robotoSLAB" will return
/// FamilyInfo for "Roboto Slab".
GetFamilyInfo(string:MAX_FAMILY_NAME_LENGTH family) -> (FamilyInfo? family_info);
/// Returns a typeface that matches the specified `request`, or an empty table if no matching
/// face is found. (The latter is more likely to happen if `TypefaceRequestFlags.EXACT_FAMILY`
/// is used to disable fallbacks.)
GetTypeface(TypefaceRequest request) -> (TypefaceResponse response);
/// Returns information for the specified font family, or an empty table if there is no family
/// with the specified name.
/// This function respects family name aliases and ignores case. For example, "RobotoSlab" is an
/// alias for the canonical name "Roboto Slab". A request for "robotoSLAB" would return the
/// `FontFamilyInfo` for "Roboto Slab" due to the case-insensitivity and alias resolution.
GetFontFamilyInfo(FamilyName family) -> (FontFamilyInfo family_info);
/// Register a listener to be notified when the set of available fonts or mappings has changed.
/// A client can register as many listeners as it wishes.
/// To unregister, close the channel.
RegisterFontSetEventListener(FontSetEventListener listener) -> ();