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// Copyright 2018 The Fuchsia Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include <zircon/assert.h>
#include <utility>
#include <fbl/string_printf.h>
#include <zxtest/base/event-broadcaster.h>
namespace zxtest {
namespace internal {
namespace {
template <auto Fn, typename ObserverList, typename... Args>
void Broadcast(ObserverList* observers, Args&&... args) {
for (auto& observer : *observers) {
} // namespace
EventBroadcaster::EventBroadcaster() = default;
EventBroadcaster::EventBroadcaster(EventBroadcaster&&) = default;
EventBroadcaster::~EventBroadcaster() = default;
// Reports before any test is executed.
void EventBroadcaster::OnProgramStart(const Runner& runner) {
Broadcast<&LifecycleObserver::OnProgramStart>(&lifecycle_observers_, runner);
// Reports before every iteration starts.
void EventBroadcaster::OnIterationStart(const Runner& runner, int iteration) {
Broadcast<&LifecycleObserver::OnIterationStart>(&lifecycle_observers_, runner, iteration);
// Reports before any environment is set up.
void EventBroadcaster::OnEnvironmentSetUp(const Runner& runner) {
Broadcast<&LifecycleObserver::OnEnvironmentSetUp>(&lifecycle_observers_, runner);
// Reports before every TestCase is set up.
void EventBroadcaster::OnTestCaseStart(const TestCase& test_case) {
Broadcast<&LifecycleObserver::OnTestCaseStart>(&lifecycle_observers_, test_case);
// Reports before every test starts.
void EventBroadcaster::OnTestStart(const TestCase& test_case, const TestInfo& test) {
Broadcast<&LifecycleObserver::OnTestStart>(&lifecycle_observers_, test_case, test);
// Reports when an assertion on the running tests fails.
void EventBroadcaster::OnAssertion(const Assertion& assertion) {
Broadcast<&LifecycleObserver::OnAssertion>(&lifecycle_observers_, assertion);
// Reports when there is a message to be processed.
void EventBroadcaster::OnMessage(const Message& message) {
Broadcast<&LifecycleObserver::OnMessage>(&lifecycle_observers_, message);
// Reports before every test is skipped.
void EventBroadcaster::OnTestSkip(const TestCase& test_case, const TestInfo& test) {
Broadcast<&LifecycleObserver::OnTestSkip>(&lifecycle_observers_, test_case, test);
// Reports before every TestCase is set up.
void EventBroadcaster::OnTestFailure(const TestCase& test_case, const TestInfo& test) {
Broadcast<&LifecycleObserver::OnTestFailure>(&lifecycle_observers_, test_case, test);
// Reports before every TestCase is set up.
void EventBroadcaster::OnTestSuccess(const TestCase& test_case, const TestInfo& test) {
Broadcast<&LifecycleObserver::OnTestSuccess>(&lifecycle_observers_, test_case, test);
// Reports before every TestCase is torn down.
void EventBroadcaster::OnTestCaseEnd(const TestCase& test_case) {
Broadcast<&LifecycleObserver::OnTestCaseEnd>(&lifecycle_observers_, test_case);
// Adds a lifecycle observer to the registered list of observers.
void EventBroadcaster::Subscribe(LifecycleObserver* observer) {
ZX_DEBUG_ASSERT_MSG(observer != this, "EventBroadcaster cannot observe itself.");
ZX_DEBUG_ASSERT_MSG(observer != nullptr, "Canno register nullptr as a LifecycleObserver");
// Reports before any environment is torn down.
void EventBroadcaster::OnEnvironmentTearDown(const Runner& runner) {
Broadcast<&LifecycleObserver::OnEnvironmentTearDown>(&lifecycle_observers_, runner);
// Reports before every iteration starts.
void EventBroadcaster::OnIterationEnd(const Runner& runner, int iteration) {
Broadcast<&LifecycleObserver::OnIterationEnd>(&lifecycle_observers_, runner, iteration);
// Reports after all test executed.
void EventBroadcaster::OnProgramEnd(const Runner& runner) {
Broadcast<&LifecycleObserver::OnProgramEnd>(&lifecycle_observers_, runner);
} // namespace internal
} // namespace zxtest