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// Copyright 2017 The Fuchsia Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include "asm.h"
#include "setjmp_impl.h"
#include <zircon/tls.h>
#define DW_CFA_expression 0x10
#define DW_CFA_val_expression 0x16
#define DW_OP_breg0 0x70
#define DW_OP_breg16 (DW_OP_breg0 + 16)
#define DW_OP_deref 0x06
#define DW_OP_xor 0x27
// CFI to find regno at [x16, #8*index].
.macro jb_cfi regno, index
.if 8 * \index < 0x7f
.cfi_escape DW_CFA_expression, \regno, 2, \
DW_OP_breg16, 8 * \index
.elseif (8 * \index) < 0x3fff
.cfi_escape DW_CFA_expression, \regno, 3, \
DW_OP_breg16, ((8 * \index) & 0x7f) | 0x80, (8 * \index) >> 7
.error "offset too large for two-byte SLEB128"
// CFI to compute regno as ([x0, #8*index] ^ [x16, #8*index]).
.macro jb_cfi_mangled regno, index
.ifgt (8 * \index) - 0x7f
.error "offset too large for one-byte LEB128"
.cfi_escape DW_CFA_val_expression, \regno, 7, \
DW_OP_breg0, 8 * \index, DW_OP_deref, \
DW_OP_breg16, 8 * \index, DW_OP_deref, DW_OP_xor
// CFI to compute regno as (mangled ^ mangler).
.macro jb_cfi_mangled_reg regno, mangled, mangler
.cfi_escape DW_CFA_val_expression, \regno, 5, \
DW_OP_breg0 + \mangled, 0, DW_OP_breg0 + \mangler, 0, DW_OP_xor
.macro restore_pair reg1, reg2, index
ldp \reg1, \reg2, [x16, #8*\index]
.cfi_same_value \reg1
.cfi_same_value \reg2
// The sanitizer runtime wants to be informed of non-local exits.
// Call __asan_handle_no_return() before doing the actual longjmp.
#if __has_feature(address_sanitizer)
// Save our incoming argument registers and return address on the stack
// around calling __asan_handle_no_return. We save the zero word (xzr)
// just to keep the stack aligned correctly as required by the ABI.
push_regs x0, x1
push_regs x30, xzr
bl __asan_handle_no_return
pop_regs x30, xzr
pop_regs x0, x1
// Move the jmp_buf pointer to a temporary register.
// We'll use x0 as a scratch register since we clobber it on return anyway.
mov x16, x0
.cfi_register x0, x16
// Find the manglers.
adr_global x0, __setjmp_manglers
// Load the words that need to be demangled into temporaries.
// These just hold values that were in the jmp_buf, so we don't
// care about leaking them.
.ifne JB_SP - JB_PC - 1
.error "JB_SP expected to follow JB_PC immediately"
ldp x4, x5, [x16, #8*JB_PC]
.ifne JB_USP - JB_FP - 1
.error "JB_USP expected to follow JB_FP immediately"
ldp x6, x7, [x16, #8*JB_FP]
ldr x8, [x16, #8*JB_X(18)]
// The next instruction clobbers the state of longjmp's caller.
// So from here on, we'll use CFI that unwinds to setjmp's caller instead.
// Both callers have the same x0 value, which we now have in x16.
.cfi_undefined x1
jb_cfi 19, JB_X(19)
jb_cfi 20, JB_X(20)
jb_cfi 21, JB_X(21)
jb_cfi 22, JB_X(22)
jb_cfi 23, JB_X(23)
jb_cfi 24, JB_X(24)
jb_cfi 25, JB_X(25)
jb_cfi 26, JB_X(26)
jb_cfi 27, JB_X(27)
jb_cfi_mangled 29, JB_FP
jb_cfi_mangled 30, JB_PC
jb_cfi_mangled 31, JB_SP
//jb_cfi_mangled ?, JB_USP -- No DWARF register number for it!
jb_cfi 64+8, JB_D(8)
jb_cfi 64+9, JB_D(9)
jb_cfi 64+10, JB_D(10)
jb_cfi 64+11, JB_D(11)
jb_cfi 64+12, JB_D(12)
jb_cfi 64+13, JB_D(13)
jb_cfi 64+14, JB_D(14)
// We don't want to leak the raw mangler values, so load
// them into their target registers rather than temporaries
// so we don't have more temporaries to clear.
ldp x30, x3, [x0, #8*JB_PC]
jb_cfi_mangled_reg 30, 4, 30 // x30 (LR) = x30 ^ x4
jb_cfi_mangled_reg 31, 5, 3 // sp = x3 ^ x5
ldp x29, x2, [x0, #8*JB_FP]
jb_cfi_mangled_reg 29, 6, 29 // x29 (FP) = x29 ^ x6
//jb_cfi_mangled_reg ?, 7, 2 // unsafe_sp = x2 ^ x7
ldr x9, [x0, #8*JB_X(18)]
jb_cfi_mangled_reg 18, 8, 9 // x18 = x8 ^ x9
// Get the thread pointer, where the unsafe SP is stored.
// Reuse x0 so the address of __setjmp_manglers is not leaked.
mrs x0, TPIDR_EL0
// Demangle in place.
eor x30, x30, x4 // PC (LR)
.cfi_same_value x30
eor x3, x3, x5 // SP
.cfi_register sp, x3
eor x29, x29, x6 // FP
.cfi_same_value x29
eor x2, x2, x7 // Unsafe SP
//.cfi_register unsafe_sp, x2 -- No DWARF register number for it!
eor x18, x8, x9 // Shadow call stack pointer
.cfi_same_value x18
// Restore all the vanilla callee-saves registers.
restore_pair x19, x20, JB_X(19)
restore_pair x21, x22, JB_X(21)
restore_pair x23, x24, JB_X(23)
restore_pair x25, x26, JB_X(25)
restore_pair x27, x28, JB_X(27)
restore_pair d8, d9, JB_D(8)
restore_pair d10, d11, JB_D(10)
restore_pair d12, d13, JB_D(12)
restore_pair d14, d15, JB_D(14)
// Restore SP last.
// After this, our CFA is setjmp's CFA rather than longjmp's CFA.
str x2, [x0, #ZX_TLS_UNSAFE_SP_OFFSET]
//.cfi_same_value unsafe_sp -- No DWARF register number for it!
mov sp, x3
.cfi_same_value sp
// Don't leak the raw SP values.
mov x2, xzr
mov x3, xzr
// w0 = w1 ?: 1
cmp w1, wzr
csinc w0, w1, wzr, ne
ALIAS(longjmp, _longjmp)
WEAK_ALIAS(longjmp, siglongjmp)