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// Copyright 2021 The Fuchsia Authors
// Use of this source code is governed by a MIT-style
// license that can be found in the LICENSE file or at
#include <lib/boot-options/boot-options.h>
#include <lib/counters.h>
#include <lib/fit/defer.h>
#include <lib/zircon-internal/macros.h>
#include <cassert>
#include <cstdint>
#include <kernel/lockdep.h>
#include <ktl/algorithm.h>
#include <vm/loan_sweeper.h>
#include <vm/pmm.h>
#include <vm/scanner.h>
#include <vm/vm_cow_pages.h>
#include "pmm_node.h"
#include <ktl/enforce.h>
KCOUNTER(sweep_count, "vm.reclamation.sweep_count")
KCOUNTER(sweep_looped, "vm.reclamation.sweep_looped")
KCOUNTER(sweep_pages_examined, "vm.reclamation.sweep_pages_examined")
KCOUNTER(sweep_pages_swept_to_loaned, "vm.reclamation.sweep_pages_swept_to_loaned")
KCOUNTER(sweep_page_chase_retried, "vm.reclamation.sweep_page_chase_retried")
KCOUNTER(sweep_page_chase_gave_up, "vm.reclamation.sweep_page_chase_gave_up")
: page_queues_(pmm_page_queues()), ppb_config_(pmm_physical_page_borrowing_config()) {}
LoanSweeper::LoanSweeper(PageQueues* queues, PhysicalPageBorrowingConfig* config)
: page_queues_(queues), ppb_config_(config) {}
void LoanSweeper::Init() {
num_arenas_ = pmm_num_arenas();
fbl::AllocChecker ac;
arenas_ = ktl::make_unique<pmm_arena_info[]>(&ac, num_arenas_);
// This allocation happens super early, and only super early, so require it to succeed. If it
// doesn't succeed, most likely something has gone quite wrong quite early.
zx_status_t status =
pmm_get_arena_info(num_arenas_, /*i=*/0, &arenas_[0], num_arenas_ * sizeof(arenas_[0]));
// The only failures are caller bugs, but also check in release in case that changes.
ASSERT(status == ZX_OK);
min_paddr_ = ktl::numeric_limits<paddr_t>::max();
max_paddr_ = ktl::numeric_limits<paddr_t>::min();
for (uint32_t i = 0; i < num_arenas_; ++i) {
auto& arena = arenas_[i];
min_paddr_ = ktl::min(min_paddr_, arena.base);
max_paddr_ = ktl::max(max_paddr_, arena.base + arena.size - 1);
for (uint32_t j = 0; j < num_arenas_; ++j) {
auto& arena_2 = arenas_[j];
if (&arena_2 != &arena) {
// Failing this assert would mean two arenas overlap on the same physical range, which would
// break assumptions elsewhere in LoanSweeper.
DEBUG_ASSERT(arena_2.base + arena_2.size - 1 < arena.base ||
arena_2.base > arena.base + arena.size - 1);
next_start_paddr_ = min_paddr_;
uint64_t LoanSweeper::ForceSynchronousSweep() { return SynchronousSweepInternal(); }
// For now, we don't expect the number of loaned pages to typically exceed the number of non-loaned
// non-pinned pages (replaceable pages, roughly speaking) so it's reasonable enough for now to just
// sweep the pmm's page array looking for non-loaned non-pinned used pages when we have free loaned
// pages available. In the event that there are so many pinned pages that we run out of replaceable
// pages before we run out of loaned pages, we'll end up scanning the whole pmm page array and find
// nothing. In that event, we'll count the occurrence for now.
// Other than too many pages pinned to be able to make use of all loaned pages, we expect the
// density of replace-able pages to be high enough that sweeping in physical order is amortized
// reasonably efficient.
// We sweep from a starting offset that's persistent from the end of last sweep, since typically
// any sweeps due to low free pages will end early when we exhaust all loaned pages, and there's a
// better chance of finding replace-able non-loaned pages when we start from where we left off.
uint64_t LoanSweeper::SynchronousSweepInternal() {
// Sweep (up to) all the pages to find any VMO pages we can move to loaned physical pages, while
// we have any free loaned physical pages available.
// We iterate in physical page order because the info we need is in the pmm physical page array,
// not in VmCowPages. For now, there's no particular reason to expect a VmPageListNode to
// typically contain physically-contiguous pages, so we'd be jumping around in the pmm physical
// page array if we iterated in VmCowPages order. Non-sequential access is only done for pages we
// can probably replace with a loaned physical page.
pmm_arena_info_t* cached_arena = nullptr;
for (uint32_t i = 0; i < num_arenas_; ++i) {
auto& arena = arenas_[i];
if (arena.base <= next_start_paddr_ && next_start_paddr_ < arena.base + arena.size) {
cached_arena = &arena;
auto get_next_iter = [this, &cached_arena](paddr_t iter) {
iter += PAGE_SIZE;
if (cached_arena && iter < cached_arena->base + cached_arena->size) {
return iter;
pmm_arena_info_t* next_arena = nullptr;
pmm_arena_info_t* min_arena = &arenas_[0];
for (uint32_t i = 0; i < num_arenas_; ++i) {
auto& arena = arenas_[i];
if (arena.base >= iter && (!next_arena || arena.base < next_arena->base)) {
next_arena = &arena;
if (arena.base < min_arena->base) {
min_arena = &arena;
if (!next_arena) {
next_arena = min_arena;
cached_arena = next_arena;
return next_arena->base;
bool ppb_enabled = ppb_config_->is_any_borrowing_enabled();
uint64_t replaced_non_loaned_page_count = 0;
paddr_t iter;
auto set_next_start_addr = fit::defer([this, &iter] { next_start_paddr_ = iter; });
Guard<Mutex> guard(&lock_);
bool first = true;
for (iter = next_start_paddr_; iter != next_start_paddr_ || first; iter = get_next_iter(iter)) {
first = false;
if (ppb_enabled) {
if (!pmm_count_loaned_free_pages()) {
return replaced_non_loaned_page_count;
} else {
if (!pmm_count_loaned_used_pages()) {
return replaced_non_loaned_page_count;
vm_page_t* page = paddr_to_vm_page(iter);
DEBUG_ASSERT(page->paddr() == iter);
// We're willing to try a limited number of times to chase down a non-loaned page as it moves
// between VmCowPages, but limit the iteration count since it's not critical that we replace
// every single non-loaned page we iterate over, as there should typically be plenty of
// non-loaned replaceable pages to use up all the loaned pages.
bool replaced = false;
const uint32_t kMaxPageChaseIterations = 3;
uint32_t page_try_ordinal;
for (page_try_ordinal = 0; page_try_ordinal < kMaxPageChaseIterations; ++page_try_ordinal) {
if (page_try_ordinal != 0) {
// These are approximate checks, as we're not holding the PageQueues lock or the pmm lock
// continuously until we replace the pagel.
if (page->state() != vm_page_state::OBJECT) {
// next page
if (ppb_enabled == pmm_is_loaned(page)) {
// next page
// That's enough pre-checking to filter out most pages that won't work. Now try to find the
// owning VmCowPages and replace this page with a loaned page (or non-loaned page).
// Despite the efforts of GetCowWithReplaceablePage, we may still find below that a returned
// VmCowPages doesn't have the page any more, which is the reason for the directly enclosing
// loop.
auto maybe_vmo_backlink =
pmm_page_queues()->GetCowWithReplaceablePage(page, /*owning_cow=*/nullptr);
if (!maybe_vmo_backlink) {
// There may not be a backlink if page already became FREE or if the page state wasn't
// immediately consistent with the page being replaceable (without any waiting).
// next page
auto& vmo_backlink = maybe_vmo_backlink.value();
// Else GetCowWithReplaceablePage wouldn't have set the optional backlink.
auto& cow_container = vmo_backlink.cow_container;
// vmo_backlink.offset is offset in cow
zx_status_t replace_result =
cow_container->ReplacePage(page, vmo_backlink.offset,
/*with_loaned=*/ppb_enabled ? true : false);
if (replace_result == ZX_ERR_NOT_FOUND) {
// No longer owned by cow or no longer replaceable. Go around again to figure out which and
// continue chasing it down. We limit the iteration count however, since it's not critical
// that we catch up with the page here, and we don't want to get stuck on a page that's
// moving super often, or pinning/unpinning super often. Counters track times where we
// tried more than once, and times when we tried max times and still didn't replace the
// page.
// this page again
if (replace_result == ZX_ERR_NO_MEMORY) {
// Out of pages of the appropriate type, so don't try the next page.
return replaced_non_loaned_page_count;
if (replace_result != ZX_OK) {
// Not replaceable after all.
// next page
// The page has been replaced with a different page that doesn't have loan_cancelled set.
replaced = true;
// next page
} // page chase loop
if (page_try_ordinal == kMaxPageChaseIterations) {
if (replaced && ppb_enabled) {
if (iter == next_start_paddr_) {
return replaced_non_loaned_page_count;