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// Copyright 2021 The Fuchsia Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
use anyhow::{Context as _, Error};
use argh::FromArgs;
use cm_rust::{FidlIntoNative, NativeIntoFidl};
use fidl::encoding::{decode_persistent, encode_persistent_with_context};
use fidl_fuchsia_component_decl as fdecl;
use std::{collections::BTreeMap, fs, io::Write, path::PathBuf};
#[derive(FromArgs, PartialEq, Debug)]
/// Generates a Configuration Value File (cvf) from a given manifest and JSON value file.
#[argh(subcommand, name = "cvf")]
pub struct GenerateValueFile {
/// compiled manifest containing the config declaration
cm: PathBuf,
/// JSON5 file containing a single object with each config field as a top level key in an
/// object.
values: PathBuf,
/// path to which to write configuration value file
output: PathBuf,
impl GenerateValueFile {
pub fn generate(self) -> Result<(), Error> {
// load & parse the manifest
let cm_raw = fs::read("reading component manifest")?;
let component: fdecl::Component =
decode_persistent(&cm_raw).context("decoding component manifest")?;
let component = component.fidl_into_native();
let config_decl = component
.ok_or_else(|| anyhow::format_err!("missing config declaration in manifest"))?;
// load & parse the json file containing value defs
let values_raw = fs::read_to_string(self.values).context("reading values JSON")?;
let values: BTreeMap<String, serde_json::Value> =
serde_json5::from_str(&values_raw).context("parsing values JSON")?;
// combine the manifest and provided values
let values_data = config_value_file::populate_value_file(config_decl, values)
.context("populating config values")?;
let mut values_data = values_data.native_into_fidl();
let encoded_output = encode_persistent_with_context(
&fidl::encoding::Context { wire_format_version: fidl::encoding::WireFormatVersion::V2 },
&mut values_data,
.context("encoding value file")?;
// write result to value file output
if let Some(parent) = self.output.parent() {
// attempt to create all parent directories, ignore failures bc they might already exist
let mut out_file = fs::OpenOptions::new()
.context("opening output file")?;
out_file.write(&encoded_output).context("writing value file to output")?;