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// Copyright 2020 The Fuchsia Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include <memory>
#include <string>
#include "lib/fit/result.h"
#include "src/storage/volume_image/address_descriptor.h"
#include "src/storage/volume_image/utils/reader.h"
#include "src/storage/volume_image/volume_descriptor.h"
namespace storage::volume_image {
// A Partition consists of the volume descriptor, allowing the fvm to know how the partition should
// look, an address descriptor allowing the fvm to know how the volume data should be moved in the
// fvm address space and last a reader, which provides access to the volume data in the volume
// address space.
// This class is move constructible and move assignable only.
// This class is thread-compatible.
class Partition {
// Defines a strict and unique ordering between unique partitions.
// Partitions are first ordered lexicographically by name, and then instance GUID.
struct LessThan {
// Returns true if |lhs| partition should be before |rhs| partition.
bool operator()(const Partition& lhs, const Partition& rhs) const;
// On success returns a Partition representing the serialized volume image, which contains the
// volume and address descriptors, and backed by |reader|. On error retruns a string describing
// the failure reason.
static fit::result<Partition, std::string> Create(std::string_view serialized_volume_image,
std::unique_ptr<Reader> reader);
Partition() = default;
Partition(VolumeDescriptor volume_descriptor, AddressDescriptor address_descriptor,
std::unique_ptr<Reader> reader)
: volume_(std::move(volume_descriptor)),
reader_(std::move(reader)) {}
Partition(const Partition&) = delete;
Partition(Partition&&) noexcept = default;
Partition& operator=(const Partition&) = delete;
Partition& operator=(Partition&&) noexcept = default;
~Partition() = default;
// Returns the volume descriptor for this partition.
const VolumeDescriptor& volume() const { return volume_; }
// Returns the address descriptor for this partition.
const AddressDescriptor& address() const { return address_; }
// Returns the reader for this partition, which allows reading the volume data from the source
// address space.
const Reader* reader() const { return reader_.get(); }
// Information about the volume in this partition.
VolumeDescriptor volume_;
// Information about the address or extents in this partitions and how to map them to target
// space.
AddressDescriptor address_;
// Mechanism for reading volume data.
std::unique_ptr<Reader> reader_ = nullptr;
} // namespace storage::volume_image