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// Copyright 2018 The Fuchsia Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
namespace {
// The name of the link that the modules receive their startup parameters on.
constexpr char kLinkName[] = "link";
// The key the modules use to Get their name.
constexpr char kLinkKey[] = "name";
// The URL for the module under test.
constexpr char kModuleUrl[] =
// The intent action |kModuleUrl| accepts.
constexpr char kIntentAction[] = "action";
// The URL for the entity test module.
constexpr char kEntityModuleUrl[] =
// The intent action |kEntityModuleUrl| accepts.
constexpr char kEntityIntentAction[] = "test";
// The names of the first and second modules to be stopped.
constexpr char kFirstModuleName[] = "first";
constexpr char kSecondModuleName[] = "second";
// The signal the modules wait for before calling done.
constexpr char kFirstModuleCallDone[] = "first_done";
constexpr char kSecondModuleCallDone[] = "second_done";
// The signal the modules wait for before starting/stopping ongoing activity.
constexpr char kFirstModuleCallStartActivity[] = "first_activity_start";
constexpr char kSecondModuleCallStartActivity[] = "second_activity_start";
constexpr char kFirstModuleCallStopActivity[] = "first_activity_stop";
constexpr char kSecondModuleCallStopActivity[] = "second_activity_stop";
// The signal the modules send when they have been terminated.
constexpr char kFirstModuleTerminated[] = "first terminated";
constexpr char kSecondModuleTerminated[] = "second terminated";
// The signals the entity module sends once it's done verifying the entity
// related methods on module context. Once all these have been signaled the
// module is done.
constexpr char kEntityModuleDoneFirstTask[] = "entity_module_done_first";
constexpr char kEntityModuleDoneSecondTask[] = "entity_module_done_second";
} // namespace