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// Copyright 2018 The Fuchsia Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
library fuchsia.modular;
using fuchsia.mem;
// StoryCommands are POD structures that describe the set of operations that
// can be performed on a story by components outside the modular framework. All commands are:
// (1) Scoped to a single story
// (2) Idempotent: issuing the same command twice yields the same result
// (3) Symmetrical with observation: the same structures are used to describe
// operations to watchers of a story (through SessionWatcher) as are used
// to control a story.
union StoryCommand {
// Sets the focus state of the story to |set_focus_state.focused|.
SetFocusState set_focus_state;
// Adds a Mod.
AddMod add_mod;
// Removes an existing Mod.
RemoveMod remove_mod;
// Sets the value of a Link.
SetLinkValue set_link_value;
// Brings focus to a mod.
FocusMod focus_mod;
// Updates the kind_of_proto_story option in a story.
SetKindOfProtoStoryOption set_kind_of_proto_story_option;
struct SetFocusState {
bool focused;
// Adds a mod described by |intent| to the story with name |mod_name|. If
// |mod_name| already exists in the story, the mod is updated.
struct AddMod {
// The name of the mod within the story. The mod's name acts as the unique
// ID of the mod, scoped to the story in which it is contained. Since
// AddMod is reused for observation and mod names are vector<string>
// inside the framework, they are vector<string> here as well.
// Clients should treat the full vector as a single opaque value.
vector<string> mod_name;
Intent intent;
// |surface_relation| defines the visual relationship between this mod and the
// mod at |surface_parent_mod_name|.
SurfaceRelation surface_relation;
vector<string>? surface_parent_mod_name;
// Removes the mod under |mod_name| from the story.
struct RemoveMod {
vector<string> mod_name;
// Sets the value of link at |path| to |value|.
struct SetLinkValue {
LinkPath path;
fuchsia.mem.Buffer? value;
// Instructs the session shell to focus the mod under |mod_name|.
struct FocusMod {
vector<string> mod_name;
// Updates the kind_of_proto_story option in a story.
struct SetKindOfProtoStoryOption {
bool value;