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//! A library for reading and writing TAR archives
//! This library provides utilities necessary to manage [TAR archives][1]
//! abstracted over a reader or writer. Great strides are taken to ensure that
//! an archive is never required to be fully resident in memory, and all objects
//! provide largely a streaming interface to read bytes from.
//! [1]:
// More docs about the detailed tar format can also be found here:
// NB: some of the coding patterns and idioms here may seem a little strange.
// This is currently attempting to expose a super generic interface while
// also not forcing clients to codegen the entire crate each time they use
// it. To that end lots of work is done to ensure that concrete
// implementations are all found in this crate and the generic functions are
// all just super thin wrappers (e.g. easy to codegen).
#![doc(html_root_url = "")]
#![cfg_attr(test, deny(warnings))]
use std::io::{Error, ErrorKind};
pub use crate::archive::{Archive, Entries};
pub use crate::builder::Builder;
pub use crate::entry::Entry;
pub use crate::entry_type::EntryType;
pub use crate::header::GnuExtSparseHeader;
pub use crate::header::{GnuHeader, GnuSparseHeader, Header, HeaderMode, OldHeader, UstarHeader};
pub use crate::pax::{PaxExtension, PaxExtensions};
mod archive;
mod builder;
mod entry;
mod entry_type;
mod error;
mod header;
mod pax;
fn other(msg: &str) -> Error {
Error::new(ErrorKind::Other, msg)