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## Current features
* TLS1.2 and TLS1.3.
* ECDSA or RSA server authentication by clients.
* ECDSA or RSA server authentication by servers.
* Forward secrecy using ECDHE; with curve25519, nistp256 or nistp384 curves.
* AES128-GCM and AES256-GCM bulk encryption, with safe nonces.
* Chacha20Poly1305 bulk encryption.
* ALPN support.
* SNI support.
* Tunable MTU to make TLS messages match size of underlying transport.
* Optional use of vectored IO to minimise system calls.
* TLS1.2 session resumption.
* TLS1.2 resumption via tickets (RFC5077).
* TLS1.3 resumption via tickets or session storage.
* TLS1.3 0-RTT data for clients.
* Client authentication by clients.
* Client authentication by servers.
* Extended master secret support (RFC7627).
* Exporters (RFC5705).
* OCSP stapling by servers.
* SCT stapling by servers.
* SCT verification by clients.
## Possible future features
* PSK support.
* OCSP verification by clients.
* Certificate pinning.
## Non-features
For reasons explained in the other sections of this manual, rustls does not
and will not support:
* SSL1, SSL2, SSL3, TLS1 or TLS1.1.
* RC4.
* DES or triple DES.
* EXPORT ciphersuites.
* MAC-then-encrypt ciphersuites.
* Ciphersuites without forward secrecy.
* Renegotiation.
* Kerberos.
* Compression.
* Discrete-log Diffie-Hellman.
* Automatic protocol version downgrade.