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# This is a convenience script for running a broad swath of tests across
# features. We don't test the complete space, since the complete space is quite
# large. Hopefully once we migrate the test suite to better infrastructure
# (like regex-automata), we'll be able to test more of the space.
echo "===== DEFAULT FEATURES ==="
cargo test
echo "===== DOC TESTS ==="
cargo test --doc
"std unicode"
"std unicode-perl"
"std perf"
"std perf-cache"
"std perf-dfa"
"std perf-inline"
"std perf-literal"
for f in "${features[@]}"; do
echo "===== FEATURE: $f (default) ==="
cargo test --test default --no-default-features --features "$f"
echo "===== FEATURE: $f (default-bytes) ==="
cargo test --test default-bytes --no-default-features --features "$f"