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A simple bitset container for Rust
Please read the `API documentation here`__
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Recent Changes
- 0.2.0
+ Add assign operators for the bit operations by @jrraymond
+ Add ``symmetric_difference``, ``union_with``, ``intersection_with`` by @jrraymond
+ Add ``is_subset``, ``is_superset``, ``is_disjoint`` by @nwn
+ Add ``.toggle(i)`` method by @ShiroUsagi-san
+ Add default feature "std" which can be disabled to make the crate not
link the std library. By @jonimake and @bluss
+ Require Rust 1.31.
- 0.1.9
+ Add intersection, union, difference iterators by @jrraymond
+ Add intersection: ``&`` and union: ``|`` operator implementations by @jrraymond
+ Add Extend and FromIterator implementations (from sequences of bit indices)
by @jrraymond
- 0.1.8
+ Add missing ``#[inline]`` on the ones iterator
+ Fix docs for ``insert_range, set_range``
- 0.1.7
+ Add fast methods ``.insert_range``, ``.set_range`` by @kennytm
- 0.1.6
+ Add iterator ``.ones()`` by @mneumann
+ Fix bug with ``.count_ones()`` where it would erronously have an
out-of-bounds panic for even block endpoints
- 0.1.5
+ Add method ``.count_ones(range)``.
- 0.1.4
+ Remove an assertion in ``.copy_bit(from, to)`` so that it is in line
with the documentation. The ``from`` bit does not need to be in bounds.
+ Improve ``.grow()`` to use ``Vec::resize`` internally.
- 0.1.3
+ Add method ``.put()`` to enable a bit and return previous value
- 0.1.2
+ Add method ``.copy_bit()`` (by fuine)
+ impl Default
- 0.1.1
+ Update documentation URL
- 0.1.0
+ Add method ``.grow()``
Dual-licensed to be compatible with the Rust project.
Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 or the MIT license, at your
option. This file may not be copied, modified, or distributed
except according to those terms.