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#include "futex_impl.h"
#include "threads_impl.h"
int pthread_mutex_unlock(pthread_mutex_t* m) {
int waiters = atomic_load(&m->_m_waiters);
int type = pthread_mutex_get_type(m);
int cont;
if (pthread_mutex_state_to_tid(atomic_load(&m->_m_lock)) != __thread_get_tid())
return EPERM;
if ((type == PTHREAD_MUTEX_RECURSIVE) && m->_m_count)
return m->_m_count--, 0;
// Cache this trait before we release the mutex
bool prio_inherit = pthread_mutex_prio_inherit(m);
// Release the mutex.
cont = atomic_exchange(&m->_m_lock, 0);
// At this point, the mutex was unlocked. In some usage patterns
// (e.g. for reference counting), another thread might now acquire the
// mutex and free the memory containing it. This means we must not
// dereference |m| from this point onwards.
if (waiters || pthread_mutex_is_state_contested(cont)) {
// Note that the mutex's memory could have been freed and reused by
// this point, so this could cause a spurious futex wakeup for a
// unrelated user of the memory location.
if (prio_inherit) {
} else {
_zx_futex_wake(&m->_m_lock, 1);
return 0;