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// Copyright 2019 The Fuchsia Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include "src/ui/lib/escher/forward_declarations.h"
#include "src/ui/lib/escher/renderer/frame.h"
#include "src/ui/lib/escher/renderer/uniform_binding.h"
#include "src/ui/lib/escher/vk/command_buffer.h"
#include <vulkan/vulkan.hpp>
namespace escher {
struct RenderQueueContext;
struct RenderQueueItem;
class RenderFuncs {
// Struct to hold vertex index data. Typically allocated as per-frame RenderQueue data.
struct IndexBinding {
vk::Buffer index_buffer;
vk::IndexType index_type;
uint64_t index_buffer_offset;
void Bind(CommandBuffer* cb) const {
cb->BindIndices(index_buffer, index_buffer_offset, index_type);
// Struct to hold vertex buffer data. Typically allocated as per-frame RenderQueue data.
struct VertexBinding {
uint32_t binding_index;
vk::Buffer buffer;
uint64_t offset;
uint32_t stride;
void Bind(CommandBuffer* cb) const { cb->BindVertices(binding_index, buffer, offset, stride); }
// Struct to hold vertex attribute data. Typically allocated as per-frame RenderQueue data.
struct VertexAttributeBinding {
uint32_t binding_index;
uint32_t attribute_index;
vk::Format format;
uint32_t offset;
void Bind(CommandBuffer* cb) const {
cb->SetVertexAttributes(binding_index, attribute_index, format, offset);
void Bind(CommandBufferPipelineState* cbps) const {
cbps->SetVertexAttributes(binding_index, attribute_index, format, offset);
// Allocates and initializes a temporary array of VertexAttributeBindings, one for each attribute
// defined by |mesh_spec|. This array is valid until the next time that |allocator| is reset.
// The caller must ensure that |mesh_spec.total_attribute_count()| == |total_attribute_count|.
// This is passed as an arg because:
// - it involves non-negligible bit-shifting to compute
// - high-frequency callers will already know the count, e.g. |PaperRenderFuncs::MeshData()|.
static RenderFuncs::VertexAttributeBinding* NewVertexAttributeBindings(
const MeshAttributeBindingLocations& attribute_binding_locations, BlockAllocator* allocator,
const MeshSpec& mesh_spec, uint32_t total_attribute_count);
// Called in PaperRenderer::BeginFrame() to obtain suitable render targets.
static void ObtainDepthAndMsaaTextures(Escher* escher, const FramePtr& frame, uint32_t width,
uint32_t height, uint32_t sample_count,
bool use_transient_attachment,
vk::Format depth_stencil_format, vk::Format msaa_format,
TexturePtr& depth_texture_inout,
TexturePtr& msaa_texture_inout);
// Updates or replaces the passed in depth texture (depth_texture_in_out) based on the provided
// ImageInfo and vk::Format. If the texture pointer is null, a new texture will be allocated.
static void ObtainDepthTexture(Escher* escher, const bool use_protected_memory,
const ImageInfo& info, vk::Format depth_stencil_format,
TexturePtr& depth_texture_in_out);
} // namespace escher