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// Copyright 2019 The Fuchsia Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include "src/lib/fidl_codec/wire_types.h"
namespace fidl_codec {
// Superclass for implementing visitors for Type. Note that the whole class is protected. To use a
// visitor, use the Visit method on the Type object you want to visit.
class TypeVisitor {
virtual void VisitType(const Type* type) {}
virtual void VisitInvalidType(const InvalidType* type) { VisitType(type); }
virtual void VisitBoolType(const BoolType* type) { VisitType(type); }
virtual void VisitIntegralType(const Type* type) { VisitNumericType(type); }
virtual void VisitUint8Type(const Uint8Type* type) { VisitIntegralType(type); }
virtual void VisitUint16Type(const Uint16Type* type) { VisitIntegralType(type); }
virtual void VisitUint32Type(const Uint32Type* type) { VisitIntegralType(type); }
virtual void VisitUint64Type(const Uint64Type* type) { VisitIntegralType(type); }
virtual void VisitInt8Type(const Int8Type* type) { VisitIntegralType(type); }
virtual void VisitInt16Type(const Int16Type* type) { VisitIntegralType(type); }
virtual void VisitInt32Type(const Int32Type* type) { VisitIntegralType(type); }
virtual void VisitInt64Type(const Int64Type* type) { VisitIntegralType(type); }
virtual void VisitNumericType(const Type* type) { VisitType(type); }
virtual void VisitFloat32Type(const Float32Type* type) { VisitNumericType(type); }
virtual void VisitFloat64Type(const Float64Type* type) { VisitNumericType(type); }
virtual void VisitStringType(const StringType* type) { VisitType(type); }
virtual void VisitHandleType(const HandleType* type) { VisitType(type); }
virtual void VisitEnumType(const EnumType* type) { VisitType(type); }
virtual void VisitBitsType(const BitsType* type) { VisitType(type); }
virtual void VisitUnionType(const UnionType* type) { VisitType(type); }
virtual void VisitStructType(const StructType* type) { VisitType(type); }
virtual void VisitElementSequenceType(const ElementSequenceType* type) { VisitType(type); }
virtual void VisitArrayType(const ArrayType* type) { VisitElementSequenceType(type); }
virtual void VisitVectorType(const VectorType* type) { VisitElementSequenceType(type); }
virtual void VisitTableType(const TableType* type) { VisitType(type); }
virtual void VisitFidlMessageType(const FidlMessageType* type) { VisitType(type); }
friend class Type;
friend class InvalidType;
friend class BoolType;
template <typename T>
friend class IntegralType;
friend class Uint8Type;
friend class Uint16Type;
friend class Uint32Type;
friend class Uint64Type;
friend class Int8Type;
friend class Int16Type;
friend class Int32Type;
friend class Int64Type;
template <typename T>
friend class NumericType;
friend class Float32Type;
friend class Float64Type;
friend class StringType;
friend class HandleType;
friend class EnumType;
friend class BitsType;
friend class UnionType;
friend class StructType;
friend class ElementSequenceType;
friend class ArrayType;
friend class VectorType;
friend class TableType;
friend class FidlMessageType;
} // namespace fidl_codec