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// Copyright 2018 The Fuchsia Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
use crate::{ResultExt as TokenManagerResultExt, TokenManagerError};
use anyhow::{format_err, Context as _};
use fidl::endpoints::{create_endpoints, ClientEnd, DiscoverableService, ServerEnd};
use fidl_fuchsia_auth::{AuthProviderConfig, Status};
use fidl_fuchsia_identity_external::{OauthMarker, OauthOpenIdConnectMarker, OpenIdConnectMarker};
use fuchsia_component::client::{launch, launcher, App};
use log::info;
use parking_lot::Mutex;
use std::sync::Arc;
/// A type capable of launching and connecting to a component that implements the
/// `AuthProvider` protocol. Launching is performed on demand.
/// Note: This type is not used by TokenManager directly, but is helpful for clients needing to
/// implement the `AuthProviderSupplier` trait.
pub struct AuthProviderConnection {
/// The URL that should be used to launch the component.
component_url: String,
/// Optional params to be passed to the component at launch.
params: Option<Vec<String>>,
/// The state needed to retain a connection, once one has been created.
connection_state: Mutex<Option<Arc<App>>>,
impl AuthProviderConnection {
/// Creates a new `AuthProviderConnection` from the supplied `AuthProviderConfig`.
pub fn from_config(config: AuthProviderConfig) -> Self {
AuthProviderConnection {
component_url: config.url,
params: config.params,
connection_state: Mutex::new(None),
/// Creates a new `AuthProviderClient` from the supplied `AuthProviderConfig` reference.
pub fn from_config_ref(config: &AuthProviderConfig) -> Self {
AuthProviderConnection {
component_url: config.url.clone(),
params: config.params.clone(),
connection_state: Mutex::new(None),
/// Returns the component_url supplied at construction
pub fn component_url(&self) -> &str {
/// Returns an `App` for opening new `AuthProvider` connections. If a
/// component has previously been launched this is used, otherwise a fresh
/// component is launched and its proxy is stored for future use.
fn get_app(&self) -> Result<Arc<App>, TokenManagerError> {
// If a factory proxy has already been created return it.
let mut connection_state_lock = self.connection_state.lock();
if let Some(connection_state) = &*connection_state_lock {
return Ok(Arc::clone(&connection_state));
// Launch the auth provider and connect to its factory interface.
info!("Launching AuthProvider component: {}", self.component_url);
let launcher = launcher()
.context("Failed to start launcher")
let app = launch(&launcher, self.component_url.clone(), self.params.clone())
.context("Failed to launch AuthProvider")
let app_arc = Arc::new(app);
/// Connects the supplied channel to the `AuthProvider`. If a component has previously been
/// launched this is used, otherwise a fresh component is launched.
pub fn connect<S>(&self, server_end: ServerEnd<S>) -> Result<(), TokenManagerError>
S: AuthProviderService,
let app = self.get_app()?;
app.pass_to_service::<S>(server_end.into_channel()).map_err(|err| {
.with_cause(format_err!("GetAuthProvider method failed with {:?}", err))
/// Returns a `ClientEnd` for communicating with the `AuthProvider`. If a component has
/// previously been launched this is used, otherwise a fresh component is launched.
pub fn get<S>(&self) -> Result<ClientEnd<S>, TokenManagerError>
S: AuthProviderService,
let (client_end, server_end) =
/// A marker trait for identifying services that may be provided by an auth provider.
pub trait AuthProviderService: DiscoverableService {}
impl AuthProviderService for OauthMarker {}
impl AuthProviderService for OpenIdConnectMarker {}
impl AuthProviderService for OauthOpenIdConnectMarker {}