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// Copyright 2019 The Fuchsia Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
library fuchsia.identity.transfer;
using fuchsia.identity.account;
using fuchsia.kms;
/// The control protocol used by two AccountManager components on different
/// devices to exchange information.
/// Note: this is a sensitive interface and connections should only be created
/// between AccountManagers on remotely attested devices. No components on
/// the same device should connect over this protocol.
protocol AccountManagerPeer {
/// Requests an account transfer.
/// `lifetime` The lifetime that the transferred account should have
/// on the target device.
/// `account_transfer` The server end of an `AccountTransfer` channel.
ReceiveAccount(fuchsia.identity.account.Lifetime lifetime,
request<AccountTransfer> account_transfer);
/// The control channel through which AccountManager components on different
/// devices communicate to execute an account transfer.
/// When an account needs to be transferred, the source device should request
/// an `AccountTransfer` connection using the `ReceiveAccount` method on the
/// `AccountManagerPeer` exposed by the target device.
/// Once the target device is ready, it sends an `OnTransferReady` containing
/// a `target_key`.
/// The source device should then encrypt the account using the `target_key`
/// and complete the transfer with `CompleteAccountTransfer`.
/// Once the account transfer is complete, the channel is closed.
protocol AccountTransfer {
/// This event is sent once by the target device when it has completed
/// preparing to receive an account. The event contains a `target_key`
/// which should be used to encrypt the account data sent through
/// `CompleteAccountTransfer`.
-> OnTransferReady(fuchsia.kms.PublicKey target_key);
/// Completes the account transfer by sending the transfered data.
/// The data is opaque to the AccountManager binary, and should be
/// supplied and encrypted by the account handler on the source device
/// using the `target_key` received through `OnTransferReady`.
/// If the account is already present on the target device this fails
CompleteAccountTransfer(bytes encrypted_account_data)
-> () error fuchsia.identity.account.Error;