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// Copyright 2021 The Fuchsia Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
// To use this file, define a macro like
// #define FUCHSIA_FUZZER_OPTION(type, option, Option, default_value) ...
// before including this file.
#error "FUCHSIA_FUZZER_OPTION must be defined before including this file."
// Keep these in sync with the documentation in the FIDL file.
// TODO( Some customers have also requested a "min_input_size" option.
// (type, snake_case_name, CamelCaseName, default-value);
FUCHSIA_FUZZER_OPTION(uint32_t, runs, Runs, 0);
FUCHSIA_FUZZER_OPTION(int64_t, max_total_time, MaxTotalTime, zx::sec(0).get());
FUCHSIA_FUZZER_OPTION(uint32_t, seed, Seed, 0);
FUCHSIA_FUZZER_OPTION(uint64_t, max_input_size, MaxInputSize, 1ULL << 20);
FUCHSIA_FUZZER_OPTION(uint64_t, mutation_depth, MutationDepth, 5);
FUCHSIA_FUZZER_OPTION(uint16_t, dictionary_level, DictionaryLevel, 0);
FUCHSIA_FUZZER_OPTION(bool, detect_exits, DetectExits, false);
FUCHSIA_FUZZER_OPTION(bool, detect_leaks, DetectLeaks, false);
FUCHSIA_FUZZER_OPTION(int64_t, run_limit, RunLimit, zx::sec(1200).get());
FUCHSIA_FUZZER_OPTION(uint64_t, malloc_limit, MallocLimit, 2ULL << 30);
FUCHSIA_FUZZER_OPTION(uint64_t, oom_limit, OomLimit, 2ULL << 30);
FUCHSIA_FUZZER_OPTION(int64_t, purge_interval, PurgeInterval, zx::sec(1).get());
FUCHSIA_FUZZER_OPTION(int32_t, malloc_exitcode, MallocExitcode, 2000);
FUCHSIA_FUZZER_OPTION(int32_t, death_exitcode, DeathExitcode, 2001);
FUCHSIA_FUZZER_OPTION(int32_t, leak_exitcode, LeakExitcode, 2002);
FUCHSIA_FUZZER_OPTION(int32_t, oom_exitcode, OomExitcode, 2003);
FUCHSIA_FUZZER_OPTION(int64_t, pulse_interval, PulseInterval, zx::sec(20).get());