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// Copyright 2018 The Fuchsia Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
using fuchsia.ui.views;
using zx;
/// ViewProvider is the standard mechanism for two modules to each obtain half
/// of a shared eventpair token. The shared token is a capability allowing the
/// modules to ask Scenic to create a ViewHolder/View pair. The resulting
/// View and ViewHolder are linked together until either one is destroyed.
/// Modules are free to use any other mechanism to agree upon the shared
/// eventpair token, and use this to create the linked ViewHolder/View.
/// ViewProvider is given for the convenience of clients that don't require
/// a more complex implementation.
closed protocol ViewProvider {
/// Creates a new View under the control of the ViewProvider.
/// `token` is one half of the shared eventpair which will bind the new View
/// to its associated ViewHolder. The ViewProvider will use `token` to
/// create its internal View representation. The caller is expected to use
/// its half to create corresponding ViewHolder object.
/// `view_ref_control` and `view_ref` are two typed handles to each half of the
/// same event pair. The `view_ref` can be cloned before passing it to this method,
/// which will allow clients to track the view (e.g., in a focus chain update).
/// `view_ref_control` must not have the ZX_RIGHT_DUPLICATE set, or view creation
/// will fail.
strict CreateViewWithViewRef(resource struct {
token zx.Handle:EVENTPAIR;
view_ref_control fuchsia.ui.views.ViewRefControl;
view_ref fuchsia.ui.views.ViewRef;
/// Creates a new View under the control of the ViewProvider.
/// The args are provided as a table, for forward compatibility. See documentation on the
/// individual table fields.
// TODO( Rename this to `CreateView()`.
strict CreateView2(resource struct {
args CreateView2Args;
// Args for ViewProvider.CreateView2(), see above.
type CreateView2Args = resource table {
/// Non-optional. This token can be provided to Flatland to attach the client's child view
/// to the parent's viewport.
1: view_creation_token fuchsia.ui.views.ViewCreationToken;