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# Copyright 2021 The Fuchsia Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
import re
import itertools
import unittest
import json
import subprocess
import functools
# Group 1: directory
# Group 2 (optional): target in dir
TARGET_EXP = re.compile(r"\/\/([\w\-_]*(?:\/[\w\-_]+)*)(?::([\w\-u]*))?")
def gn_refs(target):
"""Invokes fx gn refs [target] returning the references as a list"""
return run_command(["fx", "gn", "refs",
get_out_dir(), target]).strip().splitlines()
def gn_desc(target, attributes):
if attributes is not list:
attributes = [attributes]
"""Invokes fx gn desc [target] [attributes...] returning each line as a list element"""
return run_command(
["fx", "gn", "desc", get_out_dir(), target] +
def run_command(command):
"""Runs command and returns stdout output"""
return subprocess.check_output(
command, stderr=subprocess.STDOUT, encoding="utf8")
# functools.cache is more semantically accurate, but requires Python 3.9
def get_out_dir():
"""Retrieve the build output directory"""
fx_status = run_command(["fx", "status", "--format=json"])
return json.loads(
# TODO(shayba): consider supporting local labels (not just absolutes)
def target_to_dir(target):
"""Returns likely directory path for a target's file."""
m = TARGET_EXP.match(target)
def canonicalize_target(target):
"""Turns "//foo/bar:bar" into "//foo/bar"."""
m = TARGET_EXP.match(target)
directory =
inner_target =
if inner_target and inner_target == directory.rpartition("/")[2]:
return "//" + directory
return target
# TODO(shayba): consider supporting local labels (not just absolutes)
def is_visible_to(target, visibility):
"""Returns whether dst_target is visible to src_target."""
target_dirs, _, target_label = target.partition(":")
visibility_dirs, _, visibility_label = visibility.partition(":")
for target_dir, visibility_dir in itertools.zip_longest(
target_dirs.split("/"), visibility_dirs.split("/")):
if visibility_dir == "*":
return True
if target_dir != visibility_dir:
return False
if visibility_label == "*":
return True
return target_label == visibility_label
class Test(unittest.TestCase):
def test_target_to_dir(self):
def expect(target, build_dir):
self.assertTrue(target_to_dir(target), build_dir)
expect(r"//build/config:Wno-conversion", "build/config")
expect(r"//foo/bar/*", "foo/bar")
expect(r"//foo:bar", "foo/bar")
def test_is_visible_to(self):
def is_visible(src, dst):
self.assertTrue(is_visible_to(src, dst))
def not_visible(src, dst):
self.assertFalse(is_visible_to(src, dst))
is_visible("//foo:bar", "*")
is_visible("//foo:bar", "//foo/*")
is_visible("//foo:bar", "//foo:bar")
is_visible("//foo:bar", "//foo:*")
not_visible("//foo:bar", "//foo:baz")
not_visible("//foo:bar", "//foo/baz")
not_visible("//foo/bar:baz", "//foo/bar")
if __name__ == "__main__":