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// Copyright 2016 The Fuchsia Authors
// Copyright (c) 2014 Travis Geiselbrecht
// Use of this source code is governed by a MIT-style
// license that can be found in the LICENSE file or at
#include <limits.h>
#include <stdint.h>
#include <zircon/compiler.h>
#include <zircon/types.h>
#include <fbl/intrusive_double_list.h>
#include <kernel/cpu.h>
#include <kernel/mutex.h>
#include <kernel/thread.h>
#include <ktl/atomic.h>
// NOTE(abdulla): This is located here to break a circular dependency.
enum interrupt_eoi {
// Deactivate and drop priority of the interrupt.
// Only drop priority of the interrupt.
typedef void (*mp_ipi_task_func_t)(void* context);
typedef void (*mp_sync_task_t)(void* context);
// When sending inter processor interrupts (IPIs), apis will take a combination of
// this enum and a bitmask. If MP_IPI_TARGET_MASK is used, the mask argument will
// contain a bitmap of every cpu that should receive the IPI. The other targets
// serve as shortcuts and potentially optimizations in the lower layers.
void mp_init();
void mp_prepare_current_cpu_idle_state(bool idle);
// Trigger reschedules on other CPUs. Used mostly by inner threading
// and scheduler logic.
void mp_reschedule(cpu_mask_t mask, uint flags);
// Trigger an interrupt on another cpu without a corresponding reschedule.
// Used by the hypervisor to trigger a vmexit.
void mp_interrupt(mp_ipi_target_t, cpu_mask_t mask);
// Make a cross cpu call to one or more cpus. Waits for all of the calls
// to complete before returning.
void mp_sync_exec(mp_ipi_target_t, cpu_mask_t mask, mp_sync_task_t task, void* context);
zx_status_t mp_hotplug_cpu_mask(cpu_mask_t mask);
// Unplug the cpu specified by |mask|, waiting, up to |deadline| for its "shutdown" thread to
// complete.
// If |leaked_thread| is non-null and a "shutdown" thread was created, it will be assigned to
// |leaked_thread| so the caller can |Forget| it.
zx_status_t mp_unplug_cpu_mask(cpu_mask_t mask, zx_time_t deadline,
Thread** leaked_thread = nullptr);
static inline zx_status_t mp_hotplug_cpu(cpu_num_t cpu) {
return mp_hotplug_cpu_mask(cpu_num_to_mask(cpu));
static inline zx_status_t mp_unplug_cpu(cpu_num_t cpu) {
return mp_unplug_cpu_mask(cpu_num_to_mask(cpu), ZX_TIME_INFINITE);
// called from arch code during reschedule irq
interrupt_eoi mp_mbx_reschedule_irq(void*);
// called from arch code during generic task irq
interrupt_eoi mp_mbx_generic_irq(void*);
// called from arch code during interrupt irq
interrupt_eoi mp_mbx_interrupt_irq(void*);
// represents a pending task for some number of CPUs to execute
struct mp_ipi_task
: fbl::DoublyLinkedListable<mp_ipi_task*, fbl::NodeOptions::AllowRemoveFromContainer> {
mp_ipi_task_func_t func;
void* context;
// global mp state to track what the cpus are up to
struct mp_state {
// cpus that are currently online
ktl::atomic<cpu_mask_t> online_cpus;
// cpus that are currently schedulable
ktl::atomic<cpu_mask_t> active_cpus;
// cpus that are currently idle.
ktl::atomic<cpu_mask_t> idle_cpus;
SpinLock ipi_task_lock;
// list of outstanding tasks for CPUs to execute. Should only be
// accessed with the ipi_task_lock held
fbl::DoublyLinkedList<mp_ipi_task*> ipi_task_list[SMP_MAX_CPUS] TA_GUARDED(ipi_task_lock);
// lock for serializing CPU hotplug/unplug operations
DECLARE_LOCK(mp_state, Mutex) hotplug_lock;
extern struct mp_state mp;
// idle/busy is used to track if the cpu is running anything or has a non empty run queue
// idle == (cpu run queue empty & cpu running idle thread)
// busy == !idle
static inline cpu_mask_t mp_get_idle_mask() { return mp.idle_cpus.load(); }
static inline void mp_set_cpu_idle(cpu_num_t cpu) { mp.idle_cpus.fetch_or(cpu_num_to_mask(cpu)); }
static inline void mp_set_cpu_busy(cpu_num_t cpu) { mp.idle_cpus.fetch_and(~cpu_num_to_mask(cpu)); }
static inline bool mp_is_cpu_idle(cpu_num_t cpu) {
return mp_get_idle_mask() & cpu_num_to_mask(cpu);
// tracks if a cpu is online and initialized
static inline void mp_set_curr_cpu_online(bool online) {
if (online) {
} else {
static inline cpu_mask_t mp_get_online_mask() { return mp.online_cpus.load(); }
static inline bool mp_is_cpu_online(cpu_num_t cpu) {
return mp_get_online_mask() & cpu_num_to_mask(cpu);
// tracks if a cpu is active and schedulable
static inline void mp_set_curr_cpu_active(bool active) {
if (active) {
} else {
static inline cpu_mask_t mp_get_active_mask() { return mp.active_cpus.load(); }
static inline bool mp_is_cpu_active(cpu_num_t cpu) {
return mp_get_active_mask() & cpu_num_to_mask(cpu);
// Wait until all of the CPUs in the system have started up.
// Note: Do not call this until at least LK_INIT_LEVEL_PLATFORM + 1, or later.
// PLATFORM is the point at which CPUs check in. If a call it made to wait
// before this, there is a chance that we are on the primary CPU and before the
// point that CPUs have been told to start, or that we are on a secondary CPU
// during early startup, and we have not reached our check-in point yet.
// Calling this function at a point in a situation like that is a guaranteed
// timeout.
zx_status_t mp_wait_for_all_cpus_started(Deadline deadline);