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// Copyright 2018 The Fuchsia Authors
// Use of this source code is governed by a MIT-style
// license that can be found in the LICENSE file or at
#include <lockdep/guard.h>
#include <lockdep/guard_multiple.h>
#include <lockdep/lockdep.h>
// Bring some lockdep types into global namespace for the kernel.
// TODO(eieio): Is there a better namespace to put these in, or perhaps they
// should just be used from the lockdep namespace?
using lockdep::AdoptLock;
using lockdep::AssertHeld;
using lockdep::AssertOrderedLock;
using lockdep::Guard;
using lockdep::GuardMultiple;
using lockdep::Lock;
using lockdep::LockFlagsActiveListDisabled;
using lockdep::LockFlagsReportingDisabled;
using lockdep::LockFlagsTrackingDisabled;
using lockdep::NullGuard;
// Defines a singleton lock with the given name that wraps a raw global lock.
// The singleton instance may be retrieved using the static Get() method
// provided by the base class. The raw global lock is used as the underlying
// lock instead of an internally-defined lock. This is useful to instrument an
// existing global lock that may be shared with C code or for other reasons
// cannot be completely replaced with the above global lock type.
// Arguments:
// name: The name of the singleton to define.
// global_lock: The global lock to wrap with this lock type. This must be an
// lvalue reference expression to a lock with static storage
// duration, either external or internal.
// __VA_ARGS__: LockFlags expression specifying lock flags to honor in addition
// to the flags specified for the lock type using the
// LOCK_DEP_TRAITS macro below.
// Example usage:
// extern SpinLock thread_lock;
// LOCK_DEP_SINGLETON_LOCK_WRAPPER(ThreadLock, thread_lock [, LockFlags]);
// void DoThreadStuff() {
// Guard<SpinLock, IrqSave> guard{ThreadLock::Get()};
// // ...
// }
#define DECLARE_SINGLETON_LOCK_WRAPPER(name, global_lock, ...) \