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// Copyright 2018 The Fuchsia Authors
// Use of this source code is governed by a MIT-style
// license that can be found in the LICENSE file or at
#include <assert.h>
#include <platform.h>
#include <zircon/types.h>
enum slack_mode : uint32_t {
TIMER_SLACK_CENTER = ZX_TIMER_SLACK_CENTER, // slack is centered around deadline
TIMER_SLACK_EARLY = ZX_TIMER_SLACK_EARLY, // slack interval is (deadline - slack, deadline]
TIMER_SLACK_LATE = ZX_TIMER_SLACK_LATE, // slack interval is [deadline, deadline + slack)
// TimerSlack specifies how much a timer or event is allowed to deviate from its deadline.
class TimerSlack {
// Create a TimerSlack object with the specified |amount| and |mode|.
// |amount| must be >= 0. 0 means "no slack" (i.e. no coalescing is allowed).
constexpr TimerSlack(zx_duration_t amount, slack_mode mode) : amount_(amount), mode_(mode) {
DEBUG_ASSERT(amount_ >= 0);
// Used to indicate that a given deadline is not eligible for coalescing.
// Not intended to be used for timers/events that originate on behalf of usermode.
static constexpr const TimerSlack& none() { return none_; }
constexpr zx_duration_t amount() const { return amount_; }
constexpr slack_mode mode() const { return mode_; }
bool operator==(const TimerSlack& rhs) const {
return amount_ == rhs.amount_ && mode_ == rhs.mode_;
bool operator!=(const TimerSlack& rhs) const { return !operator==(rhs); }
static const TimerSlack none_;
zx_duration_t amount_;
slack_mode mode_;
// Deadline specifies when a timer or event should occur.
// This class encapsulates the point in time at which a timer/event should occur ("when") and how
// much the timer/event is allowed to deviate from that point in time ("slack").
class Deadline {
constexpr Deadline(zx_time_t when, TimerSlack slack) : when_(when), slack_(slack) {}
static constexpr Deadline no_slack(zx_time_t when) { return Deadline(when, TimerSlack::none()); }
// Construct a deadline using relative duration measured from now.
static Deadline after(zx_duration_t after, TimerSlack slack = TimerSlack::none()) {
return Deadline(zx_time_add_duration(current_time(), after), slack);
// A deadline that will never be reached.
static constexpr const Deadline& infinite() { return infinite_; }
// A deadline that's always in the past.
static constexpr const Deadline& infinite_past() { return infinite_past_; }
constexpr zx_time_t when() const { return when_; }
constexpr TimerSlack slack() const { return slack_; }
// Returns the earliest point in time at which this deadline may occur.
zx_time_t earliest() const;
// Returns the latest point in time at which this deadline may occur.
zx_time_t latest() const;
static const Deadline infinite_;
static const Deadline infinite_past_;
const zx_time_t when_;
const TimerSlack slack_;