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Name: boringssl
Version: git
License: BSDish
License File: src/LICENSE
Security Critical: yes
A fork of OpenSSL, as described at
* apt install curl git golang perl python llvm-dev libclang-dev clang
* curl --proto '=https' --tlsv1.2 -sSf | sh
To update:
1. `rustup update`
1. `cargo install bindgen` and update BINDGEN_EXPECTED_VERSION in
./rust/boringssl-sys/ to `bindgen --version`. (If things regress,
revert back to pinned version with `cargo install bindgen --version
${BINDGEN_EXPECTED_VERSION}` and investigate).
1. `go run roll_boringssl.go`
1. Test according to instructions given by the previous step.
1. Commit, review, and submit the changes to this repository. If CQ fails, this
is likely a breaking change and need to be submitted together with the
integration pin (see below), per process at go/tq-breaking-change.
1. Update the BoringSSL manifest in the internal integration repository with
this repository's revision and the upstream revision. The manifest you're
looking for is at //integration/fuchsia/third_party/flower.
Upstream revision: