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# Copyright 2019 The Fuchsia Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
from typing import List, Tuple, Iterable, Dict
from import *
from difl.changes import Change, DeclAdded, DeclRemoved
from difl.enums import enum_changes
from difl.protocol import protocol_changes
from difl.struct import struct_changes
from difl.table import table_changes
from difl.intersection import intersect_changes
from difl.comparator import Comparator
def libraries_changes(before: Libraries, after: Libraries,
comparator: Comparator) -> List[Change]:
# Only analyze libraries that exist before and after
return intersect_changes(
def declaration_changes(before: Declaration, after: Declaration,
comparator: Comparator) -> List[Change]:
if isinstance(before, Enum) and isinstance(after, Enum):
return enum_changes(before, after, comparator)
if isinstance(before, Struct) and isinstance(after, Struct):
return struct_changes(before, after, comparator)
if isinstance(before, Table) and isinstance(after, Table):
return table_changes(before, after, comparator)
if isinstance(before, Protocol) and isinstance(after, Protocol):
return protocol_changes(before, after, comparator)
if type(before) != type(after):
# TODO: create DeclarationTypeChanged or something
#print('TYPE CHANGED %r %r' % (before, after))
return []
# TODO: support other declaration types
#print('UNHANDLED DECLARATION: %r %r' % (before, after))
return []
def library_changes(before: Library, after: Library,
comparator: Comparator) -> List[Change]:
changes: List[Change] = []
for name in after.declaration_order:
after_decl = after.declarations[name]
before_decl = before.declarations.get(name)
if before_decl is None:
changes.append(DeclAdded(before=None, after=after_decl))
declaration_changes(before_decl, after_decl, comparator))
for name, before_decl in before.declarations.items():
if name not in after.declarations:
changes.append(DeclRemoved(before=before_decl, after=None))
return changes