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TODO: Brief overview of the component.
## Building
To add this component to your build, append
`--with-base {{PROJECT_PATH}}`
to the `fx set` invocation.
NOTE: V2 components must be included in `base`. Ephemerality is not supported yet.
## Running
There is no convenient way to run a V2 component directly. First launch `component_manager_for_examples`
as a V1 component and give it the URL of this component.
Note, you may need to add this variant of component manager to your build.
If so, append `--with //src/sys/component_manager:component-manager-for-examples` to the `fx set` invocation.
$ fx shell run fuchsia-pkg:// \
## Testing
Unit tests for {{PROJECT_NAME}} are available in the `{{PROJECT_NAME}}-tests`
$ fx test {{PROJECT_NAME}}-tests