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// Copyright 2019 The Fuchsia Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include <lib/zx/event.h>
#include <lib/zx/process.h>
#include <zircon/status.h>
#include <zircon/syscalls/object.h>
#include <zxtest/zxtest.h>
#include "helper.h"
namespace object_info_test {
namespace {
template <typename HandleType>
uint32_t GetHandleCountOrZero(const HandleType& handle) {
zx_info_handle_count_t info;
if (handle.get_info(ZX_INFO_HANDLE_COUNT, &info, sizeof(info), nullptr, nullptr) != ZX_OK) {
return 0u;
return info.handle_count;
TEST(ObjectGetInfoTest, OpenValidHandleSuceeds) {
EXPECT_OK(zx::process::self()->get_info(ZX_INFO_HANDLE_VALID, nullptr, 0, nullptr, nullptr));
// Disable this for analyzer since this contains use-after-free and double-free
// error.
#ifndef __clang_analyzer__
TEST(ObjectGetInfoTest, ClosedValidHandleFails) {
zx::event event;
// Create a valid event.
ASSERT_OK(zx::event::create(0u, &event));
ASSERT_OK(event.get_info(ZX_INFO_HANDLE_VALID, nullptr, 0, nullptr, nullptr));
// Close and verify is no longer ok.
ASSERT_NOT_OK(event.get_info(ZX_INFO_HANDLE_VALID, nullptr, 0, nullptr, nullptr));
// We create an event and check that ZX_INFO_HANDLE_COUNT stats at 1 and
// goes up for each new handle minted from it and goes down for each handle
// closed.
TEST(ObjectGetInfoTest, HandleCountCorrectness) {
zx::event event, dup1, dup2, dup3;
EXPECT_EQ(GetHandleCountOrZero(event), 0u);
ASSERT_OK(zx::event::create(0u, &event));
EXPECT_EQ(GetHandleCountOrZero(event), 1u);
ASSERT_OK(event.duplicate(ZX_RIGHT_SIGNAL, &dup1));
EXPECT_EQ(GetHandleCountOrZero(event), 2u);
ASSERT_OK(event.duplicate(ZX_RIGHT_SIGNAL, &dup2));
EXPECT_EQ(GetHandleCountOrZero(event), 3u);
ASSERT_OK(event.duplicate(ZX_RIGHT_SIGNAL, &dup3));
EXPECT_EQ(GetHandleCountOrZero(event), 4u);
EXPECT_EQ(GetHandleCountOrZero(event), 3u);
EXPECT_EQ(GetHandleCountOrZero(event), 2u);
EXPECT_EQ(GetHandleCountOrZero(event), 1u);
EXPECT_EQ(GetHandleCountOrZero(event), 0u);
constexpr auto provider = []() { return zx::handle(); };
TEST(ObjectGetInfoTest, InvalidHandleFails) {
ASSERT_NO_FATAL_FAILURE((CheckInvalidHandleFails<void*>(ZX_INFO_HANDLE_VALID, 1, provider)));
} // namespace
} // namespace object_info_test