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// Copyright 2021 The Fuchsia Authors
// Use of this source code is governed by a MIT-style
// license that can be found in the LICENSE file or at
// A Turducken ZBI test takes a ZBI that's been marinated (compressed) until it
// quacks like a duck, shoves some turkey (a test ZBI executable) in front of
// that, and maybe some other stuffing (ZBI items) along with it; and then
// bakes the whole thing into a ZBI. When the resulting turkey boots, it
// decompresses the embedded ZBI, does some kind of monkey business to spice
// things up (the meat of the test), and then serves the next course by loading
// the ZBI, perhaps in some strange location or with some additions. The duck
// layer of the test (having shaken the marinade off its back) then does
// whatever it does to verify that it got loaded correctly. Finally either it
// reports success by having a TestMain function that returns 0, or else it
// serves the next course: either another flavor (might taste like chicken), or
// a cannibalistic duck clone. Any layer of the test can examine and modify
// the command line being passed along in place, or add new command-line items,
// to communicate to the next inner layer it hands off to. In this way a
// single self-referential test can iterate through finite permutations of its
// behavior (ducks all the way down).
#include <lib/arch/ticks.h>
#include <lib/zbitl/image.h>
#include <zircon/boot/image.h>
#include <cstdint>
#include <ktl/byte.h>
#include <ktl/optional.h>
#include <ktl/span.h>
#include <ktl/string_view.h>
#include <phys/allocation.h>
#include <phys/boot-zbi.h>
// Must be defined by each turducken test.
extern const char* kTestName;
// These methods are defined in along with a common TestMain.
class TurduckenTestBase {
using Zbi = zbitl::Image<ktl::span<ktl::byte>>;
// Returns the unsigned integer encoded in |value_str|.
static ktl::optional<uint64_t> ParseUint(ktl::string_view value_str);
TurduckenTestBase() = delete;
TurduckenTestBase(void* zbi, arch::EarlyTicks ticks,
uint32_t embedded_type = ZBI_TYPE_STORAGE_KERNEL);
arch::EarlyTicks entry_ticks() const { return entry_ticks_; }
// This just returns gSymbolize()->name(), but is shorter to type.
[[gnu::const]] static const char* test_name();
// The ZBI item type TestMain looks for and passes to TurduckenTest::Main.
// Usually this is ZBI_TYPE_STORAGE_KERNEL.
uint32_t embedded_type() const { return embedded_type_; }
// Get the original data ZBI the test booted with.
// This is what the options query and mutation functions below use.
Zbi& boot_zbi() { return boot_zbi_; }
// Get the embedded bootable ZBI with amendments added by Load() or after.
Zbi loaded_zbi() { return Zbi(; }
// Return true if the exact word appears in the kernel command line.
bool Option(ktl::string_view exact_word);
// Remove (write over) any matches for Option(exact_word).
void RemoveOption(ktl::string_view exact_word);
// If a word appears in the kernel command line starting with the prefix,
// return the suffix after that (possibly empty). Returns the first match.
ktl::optional<ktl::string_view> OptionWithPrefix(ktl::string_view prefix);
// Return the first kernel command line word, if any that starts with the
// prefix. The returned span is empty if no matches are found. Otherwise it
// can be modified in place.
ktl::span<char> ModifyOption(ktl::string_view prefix);
// Log the command-line arguments constructed from the boot-zbi(ZBI_TYPE_CMDLINE).
void LogCmdLineArguments();
// Unpack the embedded ZBI in the kernel_item (ZBI_TYPE_STORAGE_KERNEL).
// Then append [first, last) to it, with extra_data_space capacity to spare.
// Returns the new Zbi, whose storage is owned by the TurduckenTest object.
void Load(Zbi::iterator kernel_item, Zbi::iterator first, Zbi::iterator last,
uint32_t extra_data_space = 0);
// Boot the ZBI set up by Load() and possibly modified thereafter.
[[noreturn]] void Boot();
void set_kernel_load_address(uint64_t load_address) { kernel_load_address_ = load_address; }
void set_data_load_address(uint64_t load_address) { data_load_address_ = load_address; }
arch::EarlyTicks entry_ticks_;
Zbi boot_zbi_;
Allocation loaded_;
uint32_t embedded_type_;
ktl::optional<uint64_t> kernel_load_address_;
ktl::optional<uint64_t> data_load_address_;
// The TestMain in the library calls TurduckenTest::Main.
class TurduckenTest : public TurduckenTestBase {
using TurduckenTestBase::TurduckenTestBase;
// This method implementation actually has to be defined by each test.
int Main(Zbi::iterator kernel_item);