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// Copyright 2016 The Fuchsia Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include <zircon/types.h>
// NOTE: All the defines here with the exception of ZX_FS_MAX_RIGHTS and ZX_FS_RIGHTS_MASK are
// mirrored from the constants in io.fidl, and their values must be kept in sync.
// The FIDL definition is the source of truth:
// Refer to link for documentation on detailed semantics of the flags.
// TODO(yifeit): Assert that these values are kept in sync with io.fidl. Cannot do it here as this
// header is used for both Fuchsia and host.
// Rights
#define ZX_FS_RIGHT_READABLE 0x00000001U
#define ZX_FS_RIGHT_WRITABLE 0x00000002U
#define ZX_FS_RIGHT_ADMIN 0x00000004U
// All known rights.
// A mask for all possible rights including future extensions.
// NOTE: Reserving lower 16 bits for future rights extensions. Flags should start at 0x00010000.
// Flags
#define ZX_FS_FLAG_CREATE 0x00010000U
#define ZX_FS_FLAG_EXCLUSIVE 0x00020000U
#define ZX_FS_FLAG_TRUNCATE 0x00040000U
#define ZX_FS_FLAG_DIRECTORY 0x00080000U
#define ZX_FS_FLAG_APPEND 0x00100000U
#define ZX_FS_FLAG_NOREMOTE 0x00200000U
#define ZX_FS_FLAG_VNODE_REF_ONLY 0x00400000U
#define ZX_FS_FLAG_DESCRIBE 0x00800000U
#define ZX_FS_FLAG_POSIX 0x01000000U
#define ZX_FS_FLAG_NOT_DIRECTORY 0x02000000U
#define ZX_FS_FLAG_CLONE_SAME_RIGHTS 0x04000000U
// Watch event messages are sent via the provided channel and take the form:
// { uint8_t event; uint8_t namelen; uint8_t name[namelen]; }
// Multiple events may arrive in one message, one after another.
// Names do not include a terminating null.
typedef struct {
uint8_t event;
uint8_t len;
char name[];
} vfs_watch_msg_t;
#define VFS_TYPE_BLOBFS 0x9e694d21
#define VFS_TYPE_MINFS 0x6e694d21
#define VFS_TYPE_MEMFS 0x3e694d21