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// Copyright 2019 The Fuchsia Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include <lib/sys/cpp/component_context.h>
#include <lib/modular_test_harness/cpp/test_harness_fixture.h>
namespace modular {
namespace testing {
// Represents an instance of an intercepted component. Clients may use directly
// or sub-class and override OnCreate() and/or OnDestroy().
// Consumes a fuchsia.sys.StartupInfo and
// fuchsia.modular.testing.InterceptedComponent handle, constructs a
// sys.ComponentContext and forwards lifecycle signals to virtual functions.
// Usage: pass ComponentBase.GetOnCreateHandler() to TestHarnessBuilder's
// Intercept*() methods.
class FakeComponent {
virtual ~FakeComponent();
// Returns a binder function that initializes members, dispatches OnCreate()
// and wires OnDestroy() to the InterceptedComponent.OnKill event.
TestHarnessBuilder::OnNewComponentHandler GetOnCreateHandler();
// Returns true if the component was launched by the component manager and
// has not yet been destroyed.
bool is_running() const;
// Returns the ComponentContext for the running component.
// Requires: is_running()
sys::ComponentContext* component_context();
// Instructs the component manager that this component is exiting. See
// documentation for fuchsia.sys.TerminationReason for more details.
// Requires: is_running()
void Exit(int64_t exit_code, fuchsia::sys::TerminationReason reason =
// Called when the component is created. The directory handles for "/svc" in
// |startup_info.flat_namespace| and that for
// |startup_info.launch_info.directory_request| will be invalid: they are
// both consumed in the construction of |component_context_|.
// Clients may override this to be notified of create as well as to consume
// remaining |startup_info.flat_namespace| entries.
virtual void OnCreate(fuchsia::sys::StartupInfo startup_info) {}
// Called when |intercepted_componet_ptr_|'s OnKill event is dispatched.
// Clients may override this to be notifed of component destruction.
virtual void OnDestroy() {}
fuchsia::modular::testing::InterceptedComponentPtr intercepted_component_ptr_;
std::unique_ptr<sys::ComponentContext> component_context_;
} // namespace testing
} // namespace modular