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// Copyright 2018 The Fuchsia Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
use failure::{Error, Fail, ResultExt};
use fidl;
use fidl_fuchsia_bluetooth_gatt::ServiceInfo;
use fidl_fuchsia_bluetooth_gatt::{
LocalServiceDelegateMarker, LocalServiceMarker, LocalServiceProxy, Server_Marker, Server_Proxy,
use fuchsia_async::{
self as fasync,
temp::Either::{Left, Right},
use fuchsia_bluetooth::error::Error as BTError;
use fuchsia_component as app;
use fuchsia_syslog::macros::*;
use fuchsia_zircon as zx;
use futures::future::{ready as fready, Future, TryFutureExt};
use parking_lot::RwLock;
use std::collections::HashMap;
use std::sync::Arc;
// BluetoothFacade: Stores Central and Peripheral proxies used for
// bluetooth scan and advertising requests.
// This object is shared among all threads created by server.
// Future plans: Object will store other common information like RemoteDevices
// found via scan, allowing for ease of state transfer between similar/related
// requests.
// Use: Create once per server instantiation. Calls to set_peripheral_proxy()
// and set_central_proxy() will update Facade object with proxy if no such proxy
// currently exists. If such a proxy exists, then update() will use pre-existing
// proxy.
pub struct BluetoothFacade {
// GATT related state
// server_proxy: The proxy for Gatt server
server_proxy: Option<Server_Proxy>,
// service_proxies: HashMap of key = String (randomly generated local_service_id) and val:
// LocalServiceProxy
service_proxies: HashMap<String, (LocalServiceProxy, fasync::Channel)>,
impl BluetoothFacade {
pub fn new() -> Arc<RwLock<BluetoothFacade>> {
Arc::new(RwLock::new(BluetoothFacade {
server_proxy: None,
service_proxies: HashMap::new(),
pub fn set_server_proxy(bt_facade: &RwLock<BluetoothFacade>) {
let new_server = match {
Some(s) => {
fx_log_info!(tag: "set_server_proxy", "Current service proxy: {:?}", s);
None => {
fx_log_info!(tag: "set_server_proxy", "Setting new server proxy");
.context("Failed to connect to service.")
bt_facade.write().server_proxy = new_server;
pub fn get_server_proxy(&self) -> &Option<Server_Proxy> {
pub fn get_service_proxies(&self) -> &HashMap<String, (LocalServiceProxy, fasync::Channel)> {
pub fn cleanup_server_proxy(bt_facade: &RwLock<BluetoothFacade>) {
bt_facade.write().server_proxy = None
pub fn cleanup_service_proxies(bt_facade: &RwLock<BluetoothFacade>) {
pub fn cleanup_gatt(bt_facade: &RwLock<BluetoothFacade>) {
// Close both central and peripheral proxies
pub fn cleanup(bt_facade: Arc<RwLock<BluetoothFacade>>) {
pub fn print(&self) {
fx_log_info!(tag: "print",
"BluetoothFacade: Server Proxy: {:?}, Services: {:?}",
pub fn publish_service(
bt_facade: &RwLock<BluetoothFacade>,
mut service_info: ServiceInfo,
local_service_id: String,
) -> impl Future<Output = Result<(), Error>> {
// Set the local peripheral proxy if necessary
// If the unique service_proxy id already exists, reject publishing of service
if {
fx_log_err!(tag: "publish_service", "Attempted to create service proxy for existing key. {:?}", local_service_id.clone());
return Left(fready(Err(BTError::new("Proxy key already exists, aborting.").into())));
// TODO(NET-1289): Ensure unwrap() safety
let (service_local, service_remote) = zx::Channel::create().unwrap();
let service_local = fasync::Channel::from_channel(service_local).unwrap();
let service_server = fidl::endpoints::ServerEnd::<LocalServiceMarker>::new(service_remote);
// Otherwise, store the local proxy in map with unique local_service_id string
let service_proxy = LocalServiceProxy::new(service_local);
let (delegate_local, delegate_remote) = zx::Channel::create().unwrap();
let delegate_local = fasync::Channel::from_channel(delegate_local).unwrap();
let delegate_ptr =
bt_facade.write().service_proxies.insert(local_service_id, (service_proxy, delegate_local));
match & {
Some(server) => {
let pub_fut = server
.publish_service(&mut service_info, delegate_ptr, service_server)
.map_err(|e| Error::from(e.context("Publishing service error")))
.and_then(|status| match status.error {
None => fready(Ok(())),
Some(e) => fready(Err(BTError::from(*e).into())),
None => Left(fready(Err(BTError::new("No central proxy created.").into()))),