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// Copyright 2018 The Fuchsia Authors
// Use of this source code is governed by a MIT-style
// license that can be found in the LICENSE file or at
#include <fbl/canary.h>
#include <fbl/intrusive_double_list.h>
#include <kernel/event.h>
#include <kernel/lockdep.h>
#include <kernel/mutex.h>
#include <vm/pmm.h>
#include <vm/pmm_checker.h>
#include "pmm_arena.h"
// per numa node collection of pmm arenas and worker threads
class PmmNode {
paddr_t PageToPaddr(const vm_page_t* page) TA_NO_THREAD_SAFETY_ANALYSIS;
vm_page_t* PaddrToPage(paddr_t addr) TA_NO_THREAD_SAFETY_ANALYSIS;
// main allocator routines
zx_status_t AllocPage(uint alloc_flags, vm_page_t** page, paddr_t* pa);
zx_status_t AllocPages(size_t count, uint alloc_flags, list_node* list);
zx_status_t AllocRange(paddr_t address, size_t count, list_node* list);
zx_status_t AllocContiguous(size_t count, uint alloc_flags, uint8_t alignment_log2, paddr_t* pa,
list_node* list);
void FreePage(vm_page* page);
void FreeList(list_node* list);
// delayed allocator routines
void AllocPages(uint alloc_flags, page_request_t* req);
bool ClearRequest(page_request_t* req);
void SwapRequest(page_request_t* old, page_request_t* new_req);
zx_status_t InitReclamation(const uint64_t* watermarks, uint8_t watermark_count,
uint64_t debounce, mem_avail_state_updated_callback_t callback);
int RequestThreadLoop();
void InitRequestThread();
uint64_t CountFreePages() const;
uint64_t CountTotalBytes() const;
// printf free and overall state of the internal arenas
// NOTE: both functions skip mutexes and can be called inside timer or crash context
// though the data they return may be questionable
void Dump(bool is_panic) const TA_NO_THREAD_SAFETY_ANALYSIS;
void DumpMemAvailState() const;
uint64_t DebugNumPagesTillMemState(uint8_t mem_state_idx) const;
uint8_t DebugMaxMemAvailState() const;
zx_status_t AddArena(const pmm_arena_info_t* info);
// Returns the number of arenas.
size_t NumArenas() const;
// Copies |count| pmm_arena_info_t objects into |buffer| starting with the |i|-th arena ordered by
// base address. For example, passing an |i| of 1 would skip the 1st arena.
// The objects will be sorted in ascending order by arena base address.
// Returns ZX_ERR_OUT_OF_RANGE if |count| is 0 or |i| and |count| specificy an invalid range.
// Returns ZX_ERR_BUFFER_TOO_SMALL if the buffer is too small.
zx_status_t GetArenaInfo(size_t count, uint64_t i, pmm_arena_info_t* buffer, size_t buffer_size);
// add new pages to the free queue. used when boostrapping a PmmArena
void AddFreePages(list_node* list);
PageQueues* GetPageQueues() { return &page_queues_; }
// Fill all free pages with a pattern. See all |PmmChecker|.
// Should be done only once early in boot.
void FillFreePages();
// Synchronously walk the PMM's free list and validate each page. This is an incredibly expensive
// operation and should only be used for debugging purposes.
void CheckAllFreePages();
// Enable the free fill checker.
void EnableChecker();
// Disable the free fill checker.
void DisableChecker();
// Return a pointer to this object's free fill checker.
// For test and diagnostic purposes.
PmmChecker* Checker() { return &checker_; }
void FreePageHelperLocked(vm_page* page) TA_REQ(lock_);
void FreeListLocked(list_node* list) TA_REQ(lock_);
void ProcessPendingRequests();
void UpdateMemAvailStateLocked() TA_REQ(lock_);
void SetMemAvailStateLocked(uint8_t mem_avail_state) TA_REQ(lock_);
void IncrementFreeCountLocked(uint64_t amount) TA_REQ(lock_) {
free_count_ += amount;
if (unlikely(free_count_ >= mem_avail_state_upper_bound_)) {
void DecrementFreeCountLocked(uint64_t amount) TA_REQ(lock_) {
DEBUG_ASSERT(free_count_ >= amount);
free_count_ -= amount;
if (unlikely(free_count_ <= mem_avail_state_lower_bound_)) {
bool InOomStateLocked() TA_REQ(lock_);
void AllocPageHelperLocked(vm_page_t* page) TA_REQ(lock_);
fbl::Canary<fbl::magic("PNOD")> canary_;
mutable DECLARE_MUTEX(PmmNode) lock_;
uint64_t arena_cumulative_size_ TA_GUARDED(lock_) = 0;
uint64_t free_count_ TA_GUARDED(lock_) = 0;
fbl::SizedDoublyLinkedList<PmmArena*> arena_list_ TA_GUARDED(lock_);
list_node free_list_ TA_GUARDED(lock_) = LIST_INITIAL_VALUE(free_list_);
// List of pending requests.
list_node_t request_list_ TA_GUARDED(lock_) = LIST_INITIAL_VALUE(request_list_);
// Request currently being processed. This is tracked seperately from request_list_
// because ClearRequest() handles the two cases differently.
page_request_t* current_request_ TA_GUARDED(lock_) = nullptr;
Event free_pages_evt_;
Event request_evt_;
uint64_t mem_avail_state_watermarks_[MAX_WATERMARK_COUNT] TA_GUARDED(lock_);
uint8_t mem_avail_state_watermark_count_ TA_GUARDED(lock_);
uint8_t mem_avail_state_cur_index_ TA_GUARDED(lock_);
uint64_t mem_avail_state_debounce_ TA_GUARDED(lock_);
uint64_t mem_avail_state_upper_bound_ TA_GUARDED(lock_);
uint64_t mem_avail_state_lower_bound_ TA_GUARDED(lock_);
mem_avail_state_updated_callback_t mem_avail_state_callback_ TA_GUARDED(lock_);
Thread* request_thread_ = nullptr;
ktl::atomic<bool> request_thread_live_ = true;
PageQueues page_queues_;
bool free_fill_enabled_ TA_GUARDED(lock_) = false;
PmmChecker checker_ TA_GUARDED(lock_);
// We don't need to hold the arena lock while executing this, since it is
// only accesses values that are set once during system initialization.
inline vm_page_t* PmmNode::PaddrToPage(paddr_t addr) TA_NO_THREAD_SAFETY_ANALYSIS {
for (auto& a : arena_list_) {
if (a.address_in_arena(addr)) {
size_t index = (addr - a.base()) / PAGE_SIZE;
return a.get_page(index);
return nullptr;