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// Copyright 2021 The Fuchsia Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
package fidlgen_cpp
import (
type TableFrameItem *TableMember
// These correspond to templated classes forward-declared in
// //zircon/system/ulib/fidl/include/lib/fidl/llcpp/wire_types.h
var (
WireTableFrame = fidlNs.member("WireTableFrame")
WireTableBuilder = fidlNs.member("WireTableBuilder")
WireTableExternalBuilder = fidlNs.member("WireTableExternalBuilder")
// TableName stores all of the information necessary to use a table as a
// payload. Unlike structs, tables always use a single "payload" argument
// pointing to the underlying table/table type, so for externally defined tables
// we only need to store the name and (optional) owning result type of the
// table, rather than the entire, flattenable declaration with all of its
// members.
type TableName struct {
func (*TableName) Kind() declKind {
return Kinds.Table
// AsParameters renders the referenced table as a parameter list of length 1.
func (u *TableName) AsParameters(ty *Type, hi *HandleInformation) []Parameter {
return []Parameter{{
Type: *ty,
nameVariants: ty.nameVariants,
OffsetV1: 0,
OffsetV2: 0,
HandleInformation: hi,
var _ Kinded = (*TableName)(nil)
var _ Payloader = (*TableName)(nil)
var _ namespaced = (*TableName)(nil)
type Table struct {
AnonymousChildren []ScopedLayout
CodingTableType name
Members []TableMember
BiggestOrdinal int
BackingBufferTypeV1 string
BackingBufferTypeV2 string
TypeShapeV1 TypeShape
TypeShapeV2 TypeShape
// WireTableFrame is the name of the table frame type associated with
// this table in wire domain objects.
WireTableFrame name
// TODO(ianloic): document these
WireTableBuilder name
WireTableExternalBuilder name
// FrameItems stores the members in ordinal order; "null" for reserved.
FrameItems []TableFrameItem
var _ Kinded = (*Table)(nil)
var _ Payloader = (*Table)(nil)
var _ namespaced = (*Table)(nil)
type TableMember struct {
Type Type
DefaultValue ConstantValue
Ordinal int
FieldPresenceIsSet string
FieldPresenceSet string
FieldPresenceClear string
FieldDataName string
MethodHasName string
MethodClearName string
ValueUnionName string
HandleInformation *HandleInformation
NaturalConstraint string
WireConstraint string
func (tm TableMember) NameAndType() (string, Type) {
return tm.Name(), tm.Type
func (tm TableMember) StorageName() string {
return tm.Name() + "_"
func (c *compiler) compileTableMember(val fidlgen.TableMember, index int) TableMember {
t := c.compileType(val.Type)
defaultValue := ConstantValue{}
if val.MaybeDefaultValue != nil {
defaultValue = c.compileConstant(*val.MaybeDefaultValue, &t, val.Type)
return TableMember{
Attributes: Attributes{val.Attributes},
nameVariants: tableMemberContext.transform(val.Name),
Type: t,
DefaultValue: defaultValue,
Ordinal: val.Ordinal,
FieldPresenceIsSet: fmt.Sprintf("field_presence_.IsSet<%d>()", val.Ordinal-1),
FieldPresenceSet: fmt.Sprintf("field_presence_.Set<%d>()", val.Ordinal-1),
FieldPresenceClear: fmt.Sprintf("field_presence_.Clear<%d>()", val.Ordinal-1),
FieldDataName: fmt.Sprintf("%s_value_", val.Name),
MethodHasName: fmt.Sprintf("has_%s", val.Name),
MethodClearName: fmt.Sprintf("clear_%s", val.Name),
ValueUnionName: fmt.Sprintf("ValueUnion_%s", val.Name),
HandleInformation: c.fieldHandleInformation(&val.Type),
NaturalConstraint: t.NaturalFieldConstraint,
WireConstraint: t.WireFieldConstraint,
func (c *compiler) compileTable(val fidlgen.Table) *Table {
name := c.compileNameVariants(val.Name)
codingTableType := name.Wire.ns.member(c.compileCodingTableType(val.Name))
r := Table{
TableName: TableName{nameVariants: name},
Attributes: Attributes{val.Attributes},
AnonymousChildren: c.getAnonymousChildren(val.Layout),
TypeShapeV1: TypeShape{val.TypeShapeV1},
TypeShapeV2: TypeShape{val.TypeShapeV2},
Resourceness: val.Resourceness,
CodingTableType: codingTableType,
Members: nil,
BiggestOrdinal: 0,
BackingBufferTypeV1: computeAllocation(
TypeShape{val.TypeShapeV1}.MaxTotalSize(), TypeShape{val.TypeShapeV1}.MaxHandles, boundednessBounded).
BackingBufferTypeV2: computeAllocation(
TypeShape{val.TypeShapeV2}.MaxTotalSize(), TypeShape{val.TypeShapeV2}.MaxHandles, boundednessBounded).
WireTableFrame: WireTableFrame.template(name.Wire),
WireTableBuilder: WireTableBuilder.template(name.Wire),
WireTableExternalBuilder: WireTableExternalBuilder.template(name.Wire),
for i, v := range val.SortedMembersNoReserved() {
m := c.compileTableMember(v, i)
if m.Ordinal > r.BiggestOrdinal {
r.BiggestOrdinal = m.Ordinal
r.Members = append(r.Members, m)
r.FrameItems = make([]TableFrameItem, r.BiggestOrdinal)
for index, member := range r.Members {
r.FrameItems[member.Ordinal-1] = &r.Members[index]
return &r