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// Copyright 2021 The Fuchsia Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
package fidlgen_cpp
import (
type HandleInformation struct {
ObjectType string
Rights string
func (c *compiler) fieldHandleInformation(val *fidlgen.Type) *HandleInformation {
if val.ElementType != nil {
return c.fieldHandleInformation(val.ElementType)
if val.Kind == fidlgen.RequestType {
return &HandleInformation{
if val.Kind == fidlgen.IdentifierType {
declInfo, ok := c.decls[val.Identifier]
if !ok {
panic(fmt.Sprintf("unknown identifier: %v", val.Identifier))
if declInfo.Type == fidlgen.ProtocolDeclType {
return &HandleInformation{
// Handle rights are only attached to handle fields or vector/arrays thereof.
return nil
if val.Kind == fidlgen.HandleType {
subtype, ok := handleSubtypeConsts[val.HandleSubtype]
if !ok {
panic(fmt.Sprintf("unknown handle type for const: %v", val))
return &HandleInformation{
ObjectType: fmt.Sprintf("ZX_OBJ_TYPE_%s", subtype),
Rights: fmt.Sprintf("0x%x", val.HandleRights),
return nil
var handleSubtypeConsts = map[fidlgen.HandleSubtype]string{
fidlgen.Bti: "BTI",
fidlgen.Channel: "CHANNEL",
fidlgen.Clock: "CLOCK",
fidlgen.DebugLog: "LOG",
fidlgen.Event: "EVENT",
fidlgen.Eventpair: "EVENTPAIR",
fidlgen.Exception: "EXCEPTION",
fidlgen.Fifo: "FIFO",
fidlgen.Guest: "GUEST",
fidlgen.Handle: "NONE",
fidlgen.Interrupt: "INTERRUPT",
fidlgen.Iommu: "IOMMU",
fidlgen.Job: "JOB",
fidlgen.Pager: "PAGER",
fidlgen.PciDevice: "PCI_DEVICE",
fidlgen.Pmt: "PMT",
fidlgen.Port: "PORT",
fidlgen.Process: "PROCESS",
fidlgen.Profile: "PROFILE",
fidlgen.Resource: "RESOURCE",
fidlgen.Socket: "SOCKET",
fidlgen.Stream: "STREAM",
fidlgen.SuspendToken: "SUSPEND_TOKEN",
fidlgen.Thread: "THREAD",
fidlgen.Time: "TIMER",
fidlgen.Vcpu: "VCPU",
fidlgen.Vmar: "VMAR",
fidlgen.Vmo: "VMO",
// Header names for to use for handles where the name isn't the same as HandleSubtype.
// For any subtype not in this list, string(HandleSubtype) is used instead.
var handleHeaderNames = map[fidlgen.HandleSubtype]string{
fidlgen.SuspendToken: "lib/zx/suspend_token.h",
// Get the correct header to include in order to use the given handle subtype.
func handleHeaderName(h fidlgen.HandleSubtype) string {
if header, ok := handleHeaderNames[h]; ok {
return header
return fmt.Sprintf("lib/zx/%s.h", string(h))