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// Copyright 2021 The Fuchsia Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
/// Inotifier implements the linux Inotify functionality.
/// It provides a mechanism for monitoring filesystem
/// events. Inotify can be used to monitor individual files, or to
/// monitor directories. When a directory is monitored, inotify will
/// return events for the directory itself, and for files inside the
/// directory.
protocol Inotifier {};
/// Used by InotifyAddWatch to indicate the server the events to be watched on.
/// Also used by [`Node.Inotify`] to indicate the types of events
/// that occurred on server side, to be notified to clients. See InotifyEvent.
type InotifyWatchMask = strict bits : uint32 {
// Events to watch in inotify
ACCESS = 0x00000001; // File was accessed.
MODIFY = 0x00000002; // File was modified.
ATTRIB = 0x00000004; // Metadata was changed.
CLOSE_WRITE = 0x00000008; // Writeable file was closed.
CLOSE_NOWRITE = 0x00000010; // Unwriteable file closed.
OPEN = 0x00000020; // File was opened.
MOVED_FROM = 0x00000040; // File was moved from some location.
MOVED_TO = 0x00000080; // File was moved to some location.
CREATE = 0x00000100; // Subfile was created.
DELETE = 0x00000200; // Subfile was deleted.
DELETE_SELF = 0x00000400; // Self was deleted.
MOVE_SELF = 0x00000800; // Self was moved.
UNMOUNT = 0x00002000; // Backing fs was unmounted.
Q_OVERFLOW = 0x00004000; // Event queued overflowed.
IGNORED = 0x00008000; // File was ignored.
// Special flags
ONLYDIR = 0x01000000; // only watch the path if it is a directory.
DONT_FOLLOW = 0x02000000; // don't follow a sym link.
EXCL_UNLINK = 0x04000000; // exclude events on unlinked objects.
MASK_CREATE = 0x10000000; // only create watches.
MASK_ADD = 0x20000000; // add to the mask of an already existing watch.
ISDIRECTORY = 0x40000000; // event occurred against dir.
ONESHOT = 0x80000000; // only send event once.
// Helper events
const CLOSE_ALL InotifyWatchMask = InotifyWatchMask.CLOSE_WRITE | InotifyWatchMask.CLOSE_NOWRITE;
const MOVE InotifyWatchMask = InotifyWatchMask.MOVED_FROM | InotifyWatchMask.MOVED_TO;
// Events returned from reading the inotifier file descriptor.
type InotifyEvent = struct {
// Watch descriptor for the file/directory. watch_descriptor identifies the watch for which
// this event occurs. It is one of the watch descriptors (channel/connection to the
// file/directory) returned by a previous call to Directory.AddInotifyFilter
watch_descriptor uint32;
// Mask describing event.
mask InotifyWatchMask;
// Unique cookie associating related events like rename.
cookie uint32;
// Size of filename.
len uint32;
// filename of file inside a directory being watched. Will be null for event occuring
// for the directory itself.
filename Path;