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// Copyright 2019 The Fuchsia Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
import 'package:fxtest/test_definition.dart';
/// Base class for our test suite stream which keeps our output in sync with
/// ongoing test progress.
abstract class TestEvent {}
/// An error so bad that test suite execution cannot continue.
class FatalError extends TestEvent {
final String message;
class TestResult extends TestEvent {
/// The standard system exit code for a test.
final int exitCode;
/// Friendly string to print indicating this test.
final String testName;
/// The full command invoked to run this test.
final String? command;
/// Whether the test was actually executed.
/// Will be `true` if the test was run and `false` if the test was skipped.
final bool isDryRun;
/// Explanatory string accompanying the test result - likely only supplied on
/// test failures.
final String? message;
/// How long just this test took to execute - does not count any (hopefully
/// trivial) overhead time from this script.
final Duration runtime;
required this.testName,
required this.command,
required this.exitCode,
required this.message,
required this.runtime,
}) : isDryRun = false;
required this.testName,
}) : isDryRun = true,
exitCode = 0,
runtime = Duration(),
message = null,
command = null;
bool get isSuccess => exitCode == 0;
String toString() => '<TestResult $testName: $exitCode>';
/// Various updates to display to the user in real time.
class TestInfo extends TestEvent {
final String message;
/// Determines the presence or absence of a cosmetic spacer line.
/// Debug statements often require this to de-clutter output, but, for example,
/// raw stack traces are pre-formatted and thus must not receive any additional
/// cosmetic treatment.
final bool requiresPadding;
TestInfo(this.message, {this.requiresPadding = true});
String toString() => '<TestInfo $message>';
/// An event indicating that a test was legacy and not runnable.
class UnrunnableTestEvent extends TestEvent {
final String testName;
/// Specialized version of [TestInfo] that users can opt-in to via the "-o"
/// flag.
class TestOutputEvent extends TestInfo {
TestOutputEvent(String message, {bool requiresPadding = false})
: super(
requiresPadding: requiresPadding,
String toString() => '<TestOutputEvent $message>';
class TestStarted extends TestEvent {
final TestDefinition testDefinition;
final String command;
required this.testDefinition,
required this.command,
String toString() => '<TestStarted ${}>';
String get name =>;
/// Signifies to output formatters that we have entered this phase.
class BeginningTests extends TestEvent {}
/// Signifies to output formatters that we have entered this phase.
class AllTestsCompleted extends TestEvent {}
class TimeElapsedEvent extends TestEvent {
final Duration timeElapsed;
final String command;
final List<String> output;
TimeElapsedEvent(this.timeElapsed, this.command, String _output)
: output = _output.split('\n');
String toString() => '<TimeElapsedEvent $timeElapsed :: $command />';
/// Signifies to output formatters that we have entered this phase.
class GeneratingHintsEvent extends TestEvent {}